Aboriginal Employment

The department is committed to the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023 (VAAF) and the Self-Determination Reform Framework that places Aboriginal Victorians at the centre of decision-making where they will be better supported to be healthy, safe, resilient, thriving and culturally confident. It is also committed to the Victorian Public Service Aboriginal employment targets that set the goal of having a minimum of two per cent representation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people in our workforce. This aims to ensure that the departments workforce represents the community it serves.

Marrung - Aboriginal Education Plan

The department is committed to achieving the vision of the Marrung – Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026.

The department recognises that education and employment are key parts of the foundation to improving the economic well-being of Aboriginal people and closing the gap in outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Victorians. 

Refer to the Additional Information section below to access the Education Plan.

Secretary's Marrung Awards

The Secretary's Marrung Awards are an action of the department's Aboriginal Employment Plan 2019-2026. The awards provide an opportunity to recognise good practice in Aboriginal education and inclusion. Through recognition of practices, projects and innovations that promote self-determination and inclusion from within the Department of Education and Training we inspire others and celebrate success.  

The awards celebrate the unique knowledge and skills that Aboriginal staff bring to the department, and the work of allies who walk alongside, to create better educational outcomes for Aboriginal students. This may be in roles that focus on communications, policy, program delivery, student support, teaching, allied health, or leadership.

For more information about the Secretary's Marrung Awards and how to nominate refer to the Additional Information section below.

Dhelk Wukang - Aboriginal Inclusion Plan 2022-2026 

Dhelk Wukang, department's fourth Aboriginal Inclusion Plan, is the department's commitment to strengthening Aboriginal inclusion, self-determination and cultural safety at all levels within the department, including the Victorian Public Service and Government Teaching Service.

Dhelk Wukang means 'giving goodness, giving respect' in the language of the Djaara people of central north-western Victoria.

The plan outlines the proactive steps the department is taking to support tangible, positive structural change across our entire workforce – both in school and corporate settings – to ensure every departmental workplace is safe for Aboriginal people.

Refer to the Additional Information section below to access the Inclusion Plan.

Barring Djinang - Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Barring Djinang (a Taungurung language phrase meaning “pathway of the feet”) is the Aboriginal Employment Strategy for the Victorian Public Sector. Overseen by the Aboriginal Employment Unit at the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC), Barring Djinang has five focus areas:

  • improve attraction and recruitment
  • create progressive career experiences
  • create culturally safe workplaces
  • enhance support for Aboriginal Staff
  • provide central oversight and strong governance.

The department actively supports the implementation of Barring Djinang and participates in initiatives arising from these focus areas such as the Leadership and Career Development Programs.

Refer to the Additional Information section below to access the Employment Strategy.

Aboriginal Employment Plan

The department's Aboriginal Employment Plan 2020 – 2026 (AEP) aims make the Department an employer of choice for Aboriginal staff – one that easily attracts and retains Aboriginal employees and by doing so enhance the department's work to benefit the community.

The department recognises that supporting and developing the Aboriginal workforce, increasing the number of Aboriginal staff and creating a culturally safe environment are key to achieving this vision.

The AEP is a key action of Dhelk Wukang 2022-2026, the department's Aboriginal inclusion plan.

The AEP, developed in consultation with department staff and Aboriginal partner organisations, focuses on staff employed directly by the department in both the Victorian Public Service (VPS) and the Government Teaching Service (GTS).

Refer to the Additional Information section below to access the Aboriginal Employment Plan.

Inclusive workplaces guide

The Inclusive Workplace Guide supports and aids the implementation of the department's Equal Opportunity and Anti-discrimination Policy, bringing together available resources to assist principals/managers and employees to create inclusive and respectful workplaces. 

This guide has been developed to assist everyone at department workplaces to support employees with diverse and intersecting identities. It gives practical tips to implement best practice in diversity and inclusion across teams, and to support staff to bring their whole selves to work.  Each area of the guide goes into depth about what discrimination looks like and actions to foster inclusion. It has a specific section dedicated to building inclusive workplaces for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff. There are also links to further resources and department policies.

Koorie Education Workforce

The department has a Koorie Education Workforce focused on supporting improvements to Koorie education outcomes in early years and schools settings. The Koorie Education Workforce is based in the department’s regions, and includes:

  • Koorie Education Coordinators (KEC)
  • Koorie Engagement Support Officers (KESO)

Schools, parents and community can obtain assistance with Koorie cultural inclusion, Koorie education guidance and support through their region by contacting the Koorie Education Coordinators (KEC) with enquiries.

Victorian Government Traineeship

Each year, the Youth Employment Scheme (YES) provides opportunities for young Aboriginal people aged 15-24 who face barriers to employment to gain qualifications and practical experience that will lead to sustainable employment.

The department supports the YES program by providing trainees with valuable work experience that will support future employment opportunities.

Refer to the Additional Information section below to for more on this traineeship.

Early Childhood Aboriginal Pathway Scholarship

Early childhood Aboriginal pathway scholarships and employment milestone payments
(Certificate III to postgraduate-level qualifications).

This scholarship is for eligible Aboriginal people wanting to become an early childhood educator or early childhood teacher, including those looking to upskill. 

Refer to the Additional Information for Aboriginal Pathway scholarships options.

Other Resources

Policy and Guidelines

  • Inclusive Workplaces Guide (PDF) (WORD)
  • Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination (PDF) (WORD)

Additional Information 

  • Aboriginal Employment Plan 2020-2026 (PDF) (WORD
  • Dhelk Wukang - Aboriginal Inclusion Plan 2022-2026  (PDF) (WORD
  • Secretary's Marrung Awards Guidelines and nomination form (PDF) (WORD)
  • Flexible Work - Working on Country  (PDF)  (WORD)

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