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Public service employees are employed by the Department under Part 3 Division 4 of the Public Administration Act 2004. The conditions of employment for public service employees are set out in Part 3 of the Public Administration Act 2004, Regulations made under that Act and the Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2016 or the Nurses (Department of Education and Training) Agreement 2016.

The career structure for the public service consists of executive officers, seven VPS Grades, including the Senior Technical Specialist Grade, four Allied Health Grades and five School and Maternal and Child Health Nurse Grades.

With the exception of executive officers, classifications are divided into grades and value ranges. Employees are employed in a grade and value range based on work requirements in accordance with the classification and value range standard descriptors for the Victorian public service.

Grade and Value Range Descriptors have been developed to describe, in broad terms, the work of public service employees in the Department. The Descriptors provide a base from which jobs can be classified to underpin public service classifications, recruitment and performance management systems and processes. The Grade and Value Range Descriptors and information about using the Descriptors are available below under Procedures and Forms.


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Procedures and Forms

Grade and Value Range Descriptors

  • Grade and Value Range Assessment Tool (WORD)
  • VPS Grade Descriptors (WORD)
  • VPS Value Range Descriptors (WORD)
  • Allied Health Grade Descriptors (WORD)
  • Nurses Grade Descriptors (WORD)
  • Legal Grade Descriptors (WORD

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