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The quality of the workforce is the major factor driving improvement in Department workplaces. The Department supports a culture of leadership, learning and renewal in all workplaces with opportunities for career development and advancement. Excellent service provision can only happen when the right people are attracted, recruited, and supported to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

The Department is committed to the standard mode of employment being ongoing in the public service. Managers have the capacity to select the best available employees to meet the needs of the workplace and to maximise ongoing employment opportunities. Local selection arrangements provide the most effective way of matching the talents and career aspirations of employees with the specific needs of individual workplaces.

Rigorous, transparent and well defined selection processes for public service positions are crucial for building and sustaining successful workplaces. Selecting the right candidate for a position has a significant impact on workplace performance. Selection to advertised positions is determined solely on the basis of merit assessed in relation to the selection criteria for the position.

In this context managers are able to build progressively, or maintain, a staff team that can produce the best possible outcomes. Managers have the responsibility within the context of a legislative and policy framework to manage the recruitment of employees as vacancies arise.

The Recruitment and Selection in the Public Service Guide brings together the key aspects of recruitment, relevant legislation and other Human Resources policies to assist managers and selection panels in the selection of staff in Department workplaces. Unless specifically indicated, the policy and procedures outlined apply to all public service positions other than executive officer positions.

The Recruitment and Selection in the Public Service Guide, which is available below, provides comprehensive policy and information concerning recruitment in the Department including the following:

  • Vacancy management
  • Filling vacancies
  • Employees who are surplus
  • Selection
  • Qualifications
  • Employment, promotion or transfer
  • Review/grievance


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Other Resources

Policy & Guidelines

  • Recruitment and Selection in the Public Service - last updated 15 February 2023
    (PDF)  (WORD
  • Best Practice Guide: Recruitment and Selection 
    (PDF)  (WORD)
  • Quick Guide: Recruitment and Selection process for hiring managers
    (PDF) (WORD)
  • HR Establishment (WORD)
  • Interview Guide (WORD)
  • Reference Check and Prior Knowledge Guide Template (WORD)
  • Unsuccessful Applicant Feedback Guide (WORD
  • JSE Recruitment Policy (PDF)
  • JSE Robust Assessment Guidelines (PDF
Remote Working Recruitment

Further Information

Procedures & Forms

  • Public Service Request for Staffing Action (Request to advertise e-form) 
  • Request to Advertise Concurrently  (WORD
  • Selection Ratings Calculator (EXCEL) - use this to assist with assessing candidates   
  • Selection Report - Public Service  (WORD)  
  • VPS Appointment & Salary Authority  (WORD
  • Suitability for Employment Checklist - Public Service (WORD
  • Declaration and Consent Form - Public Service  (WORD
  • Declaration and Consent Form - Executives  (WORD)

Position Description information


  • VPS Value Range Descriptors  (WORD)
  • VPS Grade Descriptors  (WORD
  • Allied Health Grade Descriptors  (WORD
  • Legal Grade Descriptors  (WORD
  • Grade and Value Range Assessment Tool  (WORD

Position reclassification 

  • Position Reclassification Recommendation Form  (WORD

For other recruitment/selection/employment forms, see Forms


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