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This page provides information on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and the processes involved for Department managers to host tertiary students in unpaid work placements.

WIL refers to educational activities that integrate a student's academic learning of a discipline with its practical application in the professional workplace. Through these arrangements, universities can offer students an opportunity to gain practical experience in their chosen field of study. This is achieved by completing a placement or project that contributes to the degree through assessment and credit points. WIL placements are usually unpaid as they form part of an education or training course, as defined in the Fair Work Act (2009). 

Student Placement Agreement (Corporate) template

The Department has developed and endorsed the Student Placement Agreement (Corporate) template to be used as a basis for placement of university students to corporate roles within the Department, as part of an approved WIL agreement. The agreement covers all essential matters related to the placement including supervision, employee health and safety considerations, intellectual property, insurance and disputes.

The template (specifically Part 1 comprising Deed and Schedule 1) must be signed by both the relevant university representative and the Department's Executive Director, People Division prior to any student placements being considered. It is referred to as the 'head agreement' if it relates to more than one university program area and is valid for future placements. Not all universities and courses allow for Work Integrated Learning placements.

This template relates to unpaid placements only. The placement forms part of the student's academic enrolment for which course credits are given.

The term 'intern' may be used by universities when seeking opportunities for their students. The preferred term used by the Department is 'student placement' as there are separate paid internship programs offered.  

To find out whether a particular university has signed a head agreement or for general information regarding student placements, enquiries should be sent to

Enquiries related to WIL agreements for TAFE and VET students should be made to the Higher Education and Skills Group. Enquiries regarding placements for Allied Health students in schools should be made to the relevant regional office.

For comprehensive policy and procedures regarding student placements in corporate settings, see the WIL guideline and Student Placement Agreement (Corporate) template below.  

Other Resources

Policy & Guidelines

  • WIL Guideline - student placements in corporate settings (PDF) (WORD

Procedures & Forms

  • Student Placement Agreement (Corporate) template - Part 1 (WORD)
  • Student Placement Agreement (Corporate) template - Part 2 (WORD)


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Contact Information

For queries related to placement of university students in corporate settings within the Department, contact People Division