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Teaching Service

This page provides links to commonly used Department forms, proformas and standard letters applicable to the teaching service (including education support class employees).

Other forms (if applicable) are available from the relevant policy page accessed through the A-Z Topic Index.  Also available here are templates that schools can use for internal administration purposes.



Selection Panel Reports:

  • Principal Selection
  • Executive Class selection panel report (WORD)
  • School based staff-selection panel report  (WORD)     
  • School Checklist - Selection Documentation Retention  (WORD)        

Offer of employment letters:

   Teaching Service Employment:

  • Offer of ongoing employment - leading teacher/learning specialist  (WORD
  • Offer of ongoing employment - teacher class  (WORD)
  • Offer of fixed term employment - teacher class (WORD)
  • Offer of ongoing employment - education support class (WORD)
  • Offer of fixed term employment - education support class (WORD)

    School Council Employment

  • Offer of ongoing employment (WORD)
  • Offer of fixed term employment (WORD)


   Teaching Service Employment:

  • Pre-employment Health Declaration ( WORD)

    School Council Employment

  • Pre-employment Health Declaration ( WORD)


  • Hire/Rehire Employment Checklist - to assist schools when hiring/rehiring a person - includes system actions   (WORD)
  • Employment in a Government School - Validation of Personal Information 
    (PDF) (WORD)
  • Consent to Check and Release National Police Record (PDF) (WORD)
  • Superannuation Choice of Fund - update via Employee Self Service (ESS).
    See eduPay help for ESS
    Only where ESS cannot be accessed, complete and submit this form (WORD)
  • Request for Recognition of Prior Service for leave purposes (WORD)
  • Temporary resumption of an employee from family leave - draft letter for schools to use

Staff management

Performance and Development:

Staff with Priority Status:

  • School Level Consultation-Potential Excess (WORD)
  • Identification of Excess Staff (WORD)
  • Compassionate Transfer Status Application (WORD)


  • Work Schedule / Hours Change  (WORD
  • Leading Teacher/Learning Specialist Tenure Renewal (WORD)
  • Assistant Principal - Contract of Employment Renewal Advice (WORD)
  • Resignation/Retirement notification  (WORD
  • Name and address changes (use for address changes where the employee cannot access/use eduPay)* (WORD

*Note: employees can update their address details using Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.  Select the following link for more information:  ESS eduPay

Leave/payroll administration

  • Direct Credit of salary form (initial payroll entry)**  (WORD)   
  • Payment of Allowances (WORD)
  • Higher Duties Allowance form  (WORD
  • Commuting LSL / LSL Pay in Advance application - used when commuting LSL to cash and/or requesting Pay in Advance for LSL  (WORD
  • Long Service Leave election form - for an employee to request that long service leave not be paid on cessation of employment  (WORD)
  • Direct Credit Recall Request  (EXCEL)
  • Replacement Payment Summary  (WORD

**Note: employees can update their banking details using Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay where the computer is logged onto the school/department network only.  Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay

Applying for leave 

Applications for leave should be submitted through Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.  Select the following link for more information:  ESS eduPay 

In the situation where leave already submitted through ESS and approved on eduPay needs to be amended or deleted, use the following form to request the change - Leave Amendment 

Where ESS cannot be accessed or used, an application will need to be made in writing using the appropriate form below:

  • Parental Absence application form  (WORD
  • Application for Study and Related Leave  (WORD
  • Leave Application (other leave types)  (WORD)

School internal/administrative use

Below are templates that schools can use if they wish to assist in the collection of information for data entry and record management purposes.  The templates should be downloaded and modified as necessary, to meet the specific requirements of the school.


  • Job Opening (WORD



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