Public Service

This page provides links to HR forms and pro formas commonly used in the Department which are applicable to public service staff and executive officers.  Other forms (if applicable) are available from the relevant policy page accessed through the A-Z Topic Index.

Click on the appropriate link below to access the forms listed on this page.



 Staff Management

  • Name and address changes - use for address changes where the employee cannot access/use eduPay.  *See note below
  • Hours Change / Work Schedule change  (WORD
  • Hours Change / Work Schedule change FOR PARENTAL ABSENCE only (WORD)
  • Request for new non-school location or change to existing location (EXCEL)
  • Position Reclassification Recommendation Form (WORD)
  • Value Range Job Resize Recommendation Form (WORD
  • Notification to Resign or cease employment  (WORD)
  • Cessation of Employment Checklist for managers (WORD)

*Note: employees can update their address details using Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.  Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay

Salary/Payroll administration

  • Direct Credit of Salary Application ( WORD) .
  • Myki e-form Deduction Authority 
  • Overtime Claim form - submit claim using eduPay: My Time > Overtime Claim tiles  
  • Casual Claim form ( WORD)
  • Temporary Assignment (including Higher Duties) -
    use eduPay: Manager homepage > Manage My Team > Temp Assignment
  • Salary Mischarge Amendment (WORD)
  • Pay in Advance (WORD
  • Additional (Self-funded) Leave Arrangement (e.g. 48/52) (WORD)
  • Application to cash out Annual Leave (WORD)
  • Long Service Leave Election  (WORD)  - To STOP the payment of long service leave on cessation of employment. 
    Where eduPay is available complete online from the Employee homepage:  My Personal Details > Stop LSL Payout

*Note: where the computer is connected to the Department network, employees can update their banking details using Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.  Banking updates cannot be completed from home.  Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay

Applying for leave

Applications for leave should be submitted through Employee Self Service (ESS) on eduPay.  Select the following link for more information ESS eduPay

In the situation where leave already submitted through ESS or approved on eduPay needs to be amended or deleted, use the eduPay process to cancel a leave request. Once cancelled edit and resubmit the corrected leave for approval.  For assistance refer to the following guide. 

Where ESS cannot be accessed or used, an application will need to be made in writing using the appropriate form below:

  • Parental Leave - Maternity/Partner/Adoption  (WORD)
  • Study Leave (WORD)
  • Leave Application (Other leave types) (WORD)
  • Leave Amendment (WORD)

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