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Teacher Class

The following calculators and ready reckoners are relevant to the teacher class:

Fixed Term Teacher Vacancy Ready Reckoner

This Ready Reckoner has been developed to assist schools to determine the duration of fixed term teacher vacancies on Recruitment Online and for determining the employment period on the payroll when hiring and rehiring fixed term teachers.  The Ready Reckoner can be used for vacancies up to the end of the 2025 school year. 

  • Fixed Term Teacher Vacancy Ready Reckoner Excel

Determination of Commencement Salary

  • Commencement Salary Calculator for Classroom Teachers Excel 

Dual Roles

  • Dual Role Allowance CalculatorExcel 
    use this calculator where an employee is employed concurrently in two job functions eg: (Teacher/ESC) to help determine the allowance payable.


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