Training and qualifications

​Research indicates that the levels of training and qualifications of staff are key determinants of the quality of children’s services.

The Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 (National Regulations) prescribe requirements for the training and qualifications for educators in education and care services. These requirements include qualification requirements for certificate III level educators, diploma-level educators and early childhood teachers. The National Regulations also contain requirements for first aid qualifications, emergency asthma management training and anaphylaxis management training.

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is responsible for determining the qualifications required to be held by educators. Their website has a Qualification Checker​ tool. All qualifications approved by ACECQA are also recognised under the Victorian children's services legislation.

ACECQA publishes a list of approved qualifications. If your qualification does not appear, you may apply to ACECQA to have your qualification, including foreign qualifications, assessed ​for equivalence to approved qualifications.

Other workforce initiatives

A range of support services are available for the education and care services workforce. For more information, see Careers in Early Childhood.