National Quality Standard: useful links

There are many resources available to help you prepare for the assessment and rating process. These pages are designed to help you navigate the resources which are freely available, and guide you to resources specific to each quality area under the National Quality Standard.

Resources have been listed under the quality area to which they are most relevant, but many resources will be useful across multiple quality areas. They are intended to provide general guidance to assist services to identify best practice, and should not be taken as definitive advice regarding what is required to meet any specific standard or quality area.

Meeting the National Quality Standard requires services to make decisions about practice appropriate to their unique philosophy and context, as part of an ongoing process of critical reflection and continuous improvement.

This page is updated regularly to ensure that links remain current and new material is included. If you experience difficulties accessing the links, or would like to suggest improvements to the usability or content of these pages,send an email with ‘A&R useful links’ in the subject line, to

General National Quality Standard resources

These resources will help build your general understanding of the National Quality Standard.

ACECQA - Assessment and rating resources

The following information will help you build your general understanding of using the National Quality Standard:

Resources to assist you in explaining the National Quality Framework to families and educators

Quality Area 1: Educational program and practice

Resources to support engagement with the Victorian approved learning framework:

  • VEYLDF Resources for Professionals
  • VEYLDF Professional Learning

Early Years Learning Framework and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

Quality Area 2: Children’s health and safety

Nutrition Australia - new free online training developed by Nutrition Austraila to help long day care and outside school hours care services provide healthier foods and drinks.

Victorian Prevention and Health Promotion Achievement Program- recognises achievements of education and care services in promoting the health and wellbeing of children.

ACECQA Guide to the National Quality Standard - information and a link to download the document.

Centre for Community Child Health – Policy Briefs - regular briefs on a range of issues which affect children’s health and wellbeing.

Centre for Community Child Health – Childcare and Children’s Health - select ‘Archived Editions’ for advice and fact sheets on a range of child health issues.

Age appropriate sexual behaviour in children and young people - information booklet for carers and professionals. Developed by SECASA.

Responding to problem sexual behaviour in children and young people: Guidelines for staff in education and care settings- developed by the Department for Education and Child Development, Government of South Australia.

Child Wise - information and resources promoting the protection of children and the prevention of child sexual abuse

Staying Healthy in Child Care - Preventing infectious diseases in child care- information about minimising the spread of infections in education and care services for many common childhood diseases and resources to download in PDF.

Blue Book - Guidelines for the Control of Infectious Diseases -information about specific infectious diseases and guidelines for their prevention and control.Link to download the document in PDF.

Royal Children’s Hospital – Fact Sheets - range of fact sheets written for parents about children's health issues and specific medical conditions.

Diabetes Australia- information and resources to support education and care services to meet requirements for diabetes management practices.

SIDS and Kids - information and resources to support safe sleeping practices for infants.

Sunsmart - information and resources to support SunSmart programs

Starting out Safely - Road Safety information and policy resources developed by Early Learning Association Australia.

Travelling with children in cars - information about child car seats, available in a range of languages.

Kids in hot cars - Information on the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.

Quality Area 3: Physical environment

ACECQA Guide to the National Quality Standard - information about the National Quality Standard and to download the Guide.

Not Just Fresh Air and Exercise - a short film produced by Play Australia to inspire and support education and care services to create or improve outdoor nature play spaces. A series of written resources that support the film’s messages are also available alongside Not Just Fresh Air and Exercise.

Play Australia - not for profit organisation providing information about, and advocacy for, healthy play opportunities.

Quality Area 4: Staffing arrangements

ACECQA Guide to the National Quality Standard - information about the National Quality Standard and to download the Guide.

Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics - used by many education and care services to guide professional practice.

Fact Sheets and Resources - information to assist with assessing staffing arrangements

Qualified educator lunchbreak waiver (pdf - 356.1kb)

Quality Area 5: Relationships with children

ACECQA Guide to the National Quality Standard - the majority of resources listed under Quality Area 1  are also relevant to Quality Area 5, due to the interconnectedness of relationships and pedagogy in education and care settings.

Caring for Young Children: What Children Need - policy Brief from the Royal Children’s Hospital discussing the importance of secure attachments.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - international agreement on children’s rights, to which Australia is a signatory.

Quality Area 6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

ACECQA Guide to the National Quality Standard - information on the National Quality Standard and a link to download the Guide.

Support for Children with Special Needs - information regarding the inclusion of all children in education and care services, including children with additional needs. Provides details of a number of key inclusion supports for children with additional needs.

Collaborative Practice in Victorian Early Years Services (pdf - 1.53mb) - Victorian Government-funded research report with 10 case studies of collaborative practice.

Quality Area 7: Leadership and service management

ACECQA Guide to the National Quality Standard - information about the National Quality Standard with a link to download the Guide.

My Time Our Place: Promoting Collaborative Partnerships between School Age Care Services and Schools - Australian Government resource for school age care services.

Developing and Sustaining Pedagogical Leadership in early childhood education and care professionals  - from the Early Childhood Care and Education professional learning website.

Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership- offers courses and resources to build leadership in educational settings, including early childhood settings.

Early Learning Association of Australia - resources to assist kindergarten committees of management in effective service administration.