Approvals and certificates FAQ

​Frequently asked questions

What fees do I need to pay for my service?

Fees can be grouped into two categories:

  • an annual fee, which applies to all services regulated under the National Quality Framework and is payable by 1 July each year.
  • transaction fees, which are individual fees that apply to specific transactions, e.g. application for a supervisor certificate or waiver.

Services operating under the Victorian children’s services legislation continue to incur fees under the Victorian children’s services legislation.

What do I need to do if we are planning to undertake building works at the service?

If the works that are planned are of a cosmetic nature (e.g. painting, minor repairs, construction of a deck, replacement of a sandpit) there is no requirement to notify the Department. The requirements of the National Law and National Regulations must continue to be met while these works are undertaken, in particular that every reasonable precaution is taken to protect children being educated and cared for from harm and from any hazard likely to cause injury (section 167).

If the service is undertaking works of a structural nature that will change the design of the service, for example the addition of a children’s room or expansion of a children’s space, a notification of change of information about an approved service must be submitted. Documents that may be required include proposed plans, building/planning permits, a statement regarding soil (regulation 25(d)) (if applicable) and revised evacuation procedures if exits/entrances will be affected during works.

The notification may be submitted via the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQAITS)

There is no approval given by the Department for the works, therefore a service may commence works after the notification is provided. We will be in contact to discuss the notification and any issues.

In some cases an inspection may be undertaken before education and care is provided to children following the works. Generally this is in the case of significant capital works.

What do I do if the service has completed works that allow for an increase in the maximum number of children that can be educated and cared for?

Where an increase in the approved number of places (the maximum number of children that can be educated and cared for at any time) is sought an Application for Amendment of Service Approval (SA03) should be submitted to the Department on completion of the works. Documents that must be submitted with this notification are; area measurements undertaken by a building practitioner of unencumbered indoor and outdoor space and one of the following; an occupancy certificate, certificate of final inspection or similar (refer regulation 25(g)).

The Department may take up to 60 days to consider the application. It is recommended this period be considered in the overall planning and scoping of the final stages of the project. Where possible, applications will be progressed earlier.

What do I do if my service needs to temporarily relocate whilst works are undertaken at our current service location?

If the service needs to temporarily relocate, an Application for Service Approval (SA01) for the new location including the prescribed information listed in regulation 25* of the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 must be submitted. If it will not be possible to meet specific requirements of the National Law and National Regulations for the temporary premises, an application for a temporary waiver may be considered. Please contact the Department on 1300 307 415 or email to discuss your circumstances if you have specific concerns.

The Department may take up to 90 days to consider an application for a service approval. It is recommended that this period be considered in the overall planning and scoping of any major project.

• Note the National Law allows for some flexibility regarding plans required to be drawn by a building practitioner and the provision of an occupancy permit. (regulation 25(2)).