Early Years Management

Early Years Management - logoFormerly known as KCM, Early Years Management (EYM) signifies a move towards achieving a more integrated and sustainable service system into the future.

The EYM Policy Framework and supporting EYM Kindergarten Operating Guidelines replace the 2009 Kindergarten Cluster Management Policy. These documents provide clear policy direction to all parties involved in EYM, drawing on current best practice.

Part 1: EYM Policy Framework (pdf - 4.16mb) | EYM Policy Framework (docx - 38mb)​ - sets out the background and context for Early Years Management.

Part 2: EYM Kindergarten Operating Guidelines (pdf - 3.98mb) |  EYM Kindergarten Operating Guidelines (docx - 19mb) - provides detailed guidelines for implementing the EYM policy framework, for all EYM partners that deliver or intend to deliver kindergarten programs in Victoria.

The Word accessible versions of these documents have larger file sizes, so we recommend downloading them on fixed broadband connection.​ These versions are for people using screen readers​.


The benefits of EYM are multiple:

  • children benefit from high quality, inclusive services provided by professionals who are well supported to adopt contemporary, evidence-based practices
  • parents can focus their involvement on supporting their children's learning free of the compliance, industrial, financial and operational obligations required of approved early childhood service providers
  • staff benefit from organisational structures and processes that support them in their day to day work, but also have a view to the future creating career pathways and professional development opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Become an Early Years Manager

Organisations considering becoming an Early Years Manager should contact the nearest Department of Education and Training Regional Office. To find your nearest office, see: Regions​

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