Make a complaint about Early Childhood Services

​​​​​​You may have​​ concerns regarding the safety, health or wellbeing of children, or the behaviours and practices of staff at an early childhood service and want to make a complaint.

Complaints about services

We will investigate a complaint that alleges:

  • the safety, health or wellbeing of a child was compromised while being educated and cared for
  • the National Law, National Regulations or Children's Services Act has been contravened​.

For more information, see:

Complaints about regulation staff

You can make a complaint about:

  • a Quality Assessment and Regulation Division (QARD) staff member
  • your satisfaction with the action taken by QARD.

To make a complaint or give feedback, contact your local regional office. For contact information, see: QARD regional offices

If your complaint cannot be resolved by your regional office please complete the complaint form below and send it to:

You can also telephone 1300 307 415 to discuss your complaint.

When you lodge a complaint, we will:

  • acknowledge your complaint
  • contact you if we require further information
  • aim to resolve your complaint promptly
  • provide you with a written response that is clear and informative
  • help you contact the right person if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint.