Changes to certified supervisor certificates

From 1 October, supervisor certificates are no longer required for services. If you need one in the interim, please contact us.

From 1 June 2014 service supervisor certificates have been granted to each centre-based and family day care service.

By now you will have received your new certified supervisor certificate by email from ACECQA. The new certificates are for a class of person rather than an individual. This means that services can decide who the certified supervisors are without needing separate approval from the Department or paying a fee.

Requirements (sections 162 and 164)

Centre-based services

Centre-based services must have a responsible person present at all times that the service is delivering education and care. 

Who can be a responsible person?

The responsible person is the person in day to day charge at the service and can be one of the following:

  • the approved provider (if the approved provider is an individual)
  • the nominated supervisor
  • a certified supervisor

Family day care services

Family day care services must have a support person available at all times that the service is delivering education and care.

Who can be a support person?

  • the approved provider (if the approved provider is an individual)
  • the nominated supervisor 
  • a certified supervisor

The support person may provide support to family day care educators by phone.

How do I become a certified supervisor?

Services need to make sure that they always have a nominated supervisor and that they have enough certified supervisors in day to day charge to meet their requirements.  A nominated supervisor can also nominate a person as a certified supervisor.

It’s a good idea to have a few certified supervisors so they can be available to be the responsible person if needed.

To be covered by the service supervisor certificate a person needs to be:

  • a family day care co-ordinator
  • responsible for the day to day management of the service
  • exercising supervisory and leadership responsibilities for part of the service.

If a person meets one of the above criteria the approved provider may nominate that person to be a certified supervisor. 

Who meets the criteria will depend on the structure of the service but suitable people might be management staff, an area manager, centre director, second in charge (2IC) or room leader.

If the person accepts the nomination they must give their written consent. They are then a certified supervisor and may be a responsible person if they are placed in day to day charge of the service.

All approved providers must keep a record of certified supervisors placed in day to day charge (regulation 177(n)).

The approved provider must notify the Department if the approved provider is notified that:

  • a certified supervisor’s working with children check or teacher registration is suspended or cancelled
  • a certified supervisor is subject to disciplinary proceedings under an education law of any state or territory.

Centre-based services must also note on the staff record who the responsible person is at each time that children are being educated and cared for at the service.

What about a certified supervisor who relieves at a number of services?

Some approved providers use relief educators who are employed or engaged across all the approved provider’s services.  In this case the relief educator requires a staff record to be available at each service complete with their written acceptance of the role of certified supervisor.

What about certified supervisors under the old system, with individual certified supervisor certificates?

Your individual certified supervisor certificate is still valid and you don’t need to do anything.

Nominated supervisors

All approved providers need to keep a record with the details of the nominated supervisor and display the name of the nominated supervisor at the service premises.

You still need to notify details of your nominated supervisor to the Department as before either:

  • online using NQAITS or
  • mailing the paper form Notification of Change to Nominated Supervisor

Information sheets

Further information

The Department of Education and Training is the Regulatory Authority in Victoria.

Phone: 1300 307 415
Web: Regulation and Quality Assessment 

The Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is the national, independent statutory authority governing the National Quality Framework.

Phone: 1300 422 327