Kindergarten funding guide

The kindergarten funding guide provides detailed information about: Kinder funding guide

  • the types of kindergarten funding available
  • eligibility criteria
  • how to apply for funding
  • how to comply with operational requirement once funding has been granted.

The guide is designed to assist services that provide kindergarten programs and currently receive or wish to apply for funding from the Department.

The guide will remain current until a future edition is published.

Kindergarten service providers will be advised if there are any changes to the information in the guide.

The most up-to-date information about kindergarten funding, eligibility and compliance can be found on this webpage.

To access the guide, see:

For a summary of the guide's key policy changes and updates, see:

To access the current kindergarten funding rates, see: kindergarten funding

Find information about children of school age attending a funded kindergarten program‚Äč.

For more information regarding the guide, please contact your regional office.