Kindergarten Funding Rates

Kindergarten funding rates 2019

Per Capita funding rates*

Jan - June 2019

July - Dec 2019

Standard per capita




Rural per capita



Independent schools Standard**$3,593


Independent schools Type 1



Independent schools Type 2



*Per capita funding is paid on a pro rata basis, and the table above reflects the rates per financial year

**From 2019, non-government school kindergarten services in the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) 1 will receive the standard per capita rate.  SEIFA is a measure of relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage.  SEIFA 1 is an area of highest relative disadvantage.

Kindergarten Fee Subsidy

Jan – Dec 2019

Kindergarten Fee Subsidy


Early Childhood Teacher Supplement

Jan – Dec

Level 2

Standard rate - Level 2.3


Standard rate - Level 2.4


Standard rate - Level 2.5$243

Rural rate - Level 2.3


Rural rate - Level 2.4$197
Rural rate - Level 2.5$301

Level 3

Standard rate


Rural rate


Early Start Kindergarten


Jan - Dec 2019

Early Start Kindergarten for standard service


Early Start Kindergarten for rural service


Early Start Kindergarten Extension


Ratio Supplement***

Jan - Dec 2019

Standard supplement


Kindergarten Fee Subsidy supplement


Early Start Kindergarten supplement


***Ratio supplement funding commenced 1 January 2016 and is paid per child to any service eligible for standard or rural per capita funding offering sessional programs with groups of 23 or more at the required teacher child ratio of 1:11 that do not attract Commonwealth Child Care  Subsidy. Long day care services and services managed by non-government schools are not eligible for the ratio supplement.

For the purpose of kindergarten funding, a group is defined as children attending a kindergarten session at the same time in a room with a qualified early childhood teacher. The number of children in each group should not exceed 33 children at anyone time. In the case of rotational programs, a number of smaller subgroups may be brought together to create a larger group as defined above.

Rural kindergarten funding 2019

1 – 18

Base funding equivalent to 18 enrolments at the rural per capita rate ($4,498 per child for the calendar year)

19 – 45 enrolments

Each enrolment is funded at the rural per capita rate ($4,498 per child for the calendar year)

46 or more enrolments

The rural per capita rate is paid for 45 enrolments
The 46th enrolment and above are funded at the standard per capita rate ($3,638 per child for the calendar year)

​Travel allowance


Standard rate

$0.76 per km

Early Years Management

Jan – June 2019

July - Dec 2019

Annual grant



Start-up grant (30% of annual grant)



Transition grant (30% of annual grant)



Establishment grant (for newly established and approved Early Years Management organisations)$5,000$5,000