Minor infrastructure expansion grants

Purpose of grant

This grant is a contribution towards the cost of a small refurbishment project that will increase the licensed capacity of a licensed children’s service, to better accommodate new educator to child ratios that now apply for children aged three years and over.

It is acknowledged that the scope for older facilities to be expanded in a cost effective way will vary and that this will not be practical in all cases. Interested organisations are encouraged to seek advice from their regional Quality, Assessment and Regulation Division officers regarding proposed changes to increase licensed capacity.

Funding available and project completion

Eligible organisations can apply for up to $25,000 (ex GST) per minor infrastructure expansion grant. There is no mandatory co-contribution.

Projects funded through these grants will be expected to be completed within six months of the funding being received (unless otherwise agreed with the Department for projects of greater scope and complexity).

Eligible organisations

These organisations are eligible to apply for a minor infrastructure expansion grant:

  • Local government.
  • Not-for-profit community organisations offering a funded kindergarten program.
  • Early years management organisations.
  • Government schools offering a funded kindergarten program.

If the applicant is not the building owner it is mandatory that they have written evidence of permission from the building owner to undertake the proposed works.

Funding cannot be applied to services operated by or on non-government school sites.

Applications for a minor infrastructure expansion grant will be required to demonstrate that the project will increase the licensed capacity of the service and that demand exists to fill the additional licensed places that will be created.

Applicants will be required to provide sufficient details of the proposed works (e.g. plans, photographs, descriptions) for review by regulatory staff to ensure consistency with requirements for usable space set out in the national law and regulations, noting that the actual variation of the license to increase capacity can only occur once works are complete.

Where required, regulatory staff may contact an applicant to seek further clarification of the proposed works.

Where a grant is provided it is required that the service will accept enrolments up to the new licensed capacity.

If eligible applications exceed the maximum number of grants available, priority will be given to applicants in areas with:

  • identified infrastructure suitability, and
  • capacity constraints for accommodating the new educator to child ratios, and/or
  • high levels of disadvantage and vulnerable populations.


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