Transition to School Resources

Guides for early childhood and school educators

To further early childhood and school educator understanding of the strength-based approach and its application to writing and interpreting statements, see: Strength-based approach guide (pdf - 453.92kb) | Word (docx - 382.64kb)

Other resources

  • For information about the Transition: A Positive Start to School Resource Kit, Transition Learning and Development Statements and other resources that support early childhood professionals, see: Transition to School
  • For information to intentionally strengthen the experience of transition for children and families experiencing vulnerability or at risk of experiencing vulnerability, see: Support for children and families at risk of experiencing vulnerability
  • For tips on how to organise a Transition to Primary School reciprocal visit and see how others have done it, see: Transition to School Reciprocal Visits
  • For the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework evidence papers, the Gowrie Victoria support and advice line and other resources, see: Resources for Professionals