ECIS and the NDIS

Funding for Victorian Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) has transitioned to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Parent / carer(s) and families who are seeking ECIS can access supports by contacting NDIS Early Childhood Partner.

As every child is different the Early Childhood partner will tailor support to the child’s individual needs and circumstances. Early Childhood partners can also:

  • help families to understand the role of the NDIS
  • help families to request access to the NDIS
  • guide families to appropriate supports
  • offer independent advice on supports that best meet the child and family’s needs
  • provide some short-term early intervention where it has been identified as the most appropriate support.

The Department currently provides supports to children with developmental delay or disability who meet ECIS eligibility requirements and are ineligible for the NDIS due to non-Australian residency. Families and referrers should contact their local NDIS Early Childhood partnerfor further information.

For more information about the NDIS visit: National Disability Insurance Scheme.