About early childhood intervention services

Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) support children with a disability or developmental delay from birth to school entry and their families.

ECIS provides:

  • special education
  • therapy
  • counselling
  • information and parent education
  • service planning and coordination
  • assistance and support to access services such as kindergarten and child care.

Services are tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and are focused on supporting the child in their natural environments, and everyday experiences and activities.

The services aim to provide parents and families with the knowledge, skills and support to:

  • meet the needs of their child
  • optimise the child’s development, and
  • the ability to participate in family and community life.

All services are provided using a family-centred approach, recognising the importance of working in partnership with the family.

ECIS Directory

Federal government
Victorian Government
Other government

Able Australia - formerly Australian Deaf Blind Association
Action on Disability with Ethnic Communities
Association for Children with a Disability
Australian Early Childhood Association
Australian Hearing Services
Autism help
Autism Victoria

Brain Foundation Victoria

Centres Against Sexual Assault
Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital
Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria
Cerebral Palsy Support Network
Chronic Illness Alliance
Communication Rights Australia (CAUS)
Cystic Fibrosis Association

Deaf Children Australia
Defence Special Needs Support Group
Developmental Medicine, Royal Children's Hospital
Down Syndrome Association

Early Childhood Connections
Early Childhood Intervention Australia (Vic Chapter)
Easy Access Australia (travel guide)
Epilepsy Foundation

Family Court
Family Planning Victoria

Genetic Health Services Victoria
Genetic Support Network of Victoria

I - O
IDEAS - Information on Disability & Education Awareness Service Inc.
Interchange Victoria
Kuekids Australia
Learning Links
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Nutrition Australia
Occupational Therapy (OT), Royal Children's Hospital

P- Q
Parenting Research Centre (formely Victorian Parenting Centre)
Playgrouping Victoria
Physiotherapy Department, Royal Children's Hospital
QEC Parenting Centre

Relationships Australia
Royal Children's Hospital
Royal District Nursing Service
Royal Women's Hospital

Safe Centre, Royal Children's Hospital
Scope Victoria
Speech Pathology, Royal Children's Hospital
Spinal Cord Injuries Australia - formerly Australian Quadriplegic Association of Victoria
Statewide Autistic Services

T - V
Travellers Aid Society of Victoria
Very Special Kids
Victorian Legal Aid
Victorian Deaf Society (Vicdeaf)
Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service
Vision Australia

How services are funded

These services are funded through the Department and provided by

  • our transdisciplinary Specialist Children's Services teams, and
  • funded external ECIS providers.

How families apply for ECIS

Victoria’s ECIS services are transitioning to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Families now access ECIS via NDIS early childhood early Intervention partners. Learn about the early childhood early Intervention approach.

Children who are currently receiving ECIS will have a supported pathway to the NDIS.

NDIS transition

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolling out progressively over three years in Victoria from July 2016. This will mean changes for the:

  • way ECIS are accessed
  • funding arrangements for service providers.

For more information about the transition to the NDIS, Victoria's Quality and Safeguarding arrangements and other information for ECIS service providers, see: ECIS and NDIS

Evidence base for ECIS services

To support the development of options for future ECIS service delivery, the Department commissioned the Centre for Community Child Health to develop a literature review of research concerning contemporary Australian and international evidence-based service delivery models for children with a disability, developmental delay or additional needs. To view the literature review, see:

A DVD of Dr Tim Moore presenting key ideas and questions for discussion from the literature review has been produced by Early Childhood Intervention Australia (Victorian Chapter). The DVD comprises four chapters each of which presents information and concludes with questions for reflection and discussion. It is a useful training tool for all ECIS professionals.

To watch the video, see: Early Childhood Intervention Australia (Victorian Chapter)