Supporting Aboriginal children and their families

​Early childhood programs and services for Aboriginal children and their families.

Services for Koorie children and their families

Find out more about early childhood programs, services and funding including:

  • Koorie Families as First Educators
  • Koorie Supported Playgroups
  • Koorie In Home Support/ Home-Based Learning.

Childcare and kindergarten

Find out more about childcare and preschool services for Koorie children and their families that are operated by and for the Aboriginal community.

Marrung: Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026

The Marrung: Aboriginal education plan 2016-2026 (Marrung) is the Department’s ten year plan, spanning the early childhood, schools, and training and skills sectors, to support improved outcomes for Koorie learners.

Contact us

For more information about early childhood services for Koorie families (including kindergarten programs):

  • contact your local council
  • call the Koorie education coordinator at your regional office.