Complete an online transition statement

​​The page will help you to access and complete either the online or electronic version of transition learning and development statements (TLDS). 

​​Access the online TLDS

Transition learning and development statements are completed online via the Insight assessment platform. This is known as the online TLDS.


​​Your login details

All kindergarten and long day care services have been sent login details via their service email address as registered on the National Quality Agenda IT System (NQAITS).

The email will be from (a no reply mailbox).

The email provides a link to navigate to the Insight assessment platform that houses the online TLDS, as well as login details for your service.

User guide and IT support

A step-by-step user guide is available to support you in completing the online TLDS:

The State Library Victoria (SLV) has been engaged to provide IT support to services completing the online TLDS.

See SLV Kindergarten IT support to access:

  • Online TLDS introductory video (under 'resources')
  • Tip sheets

You can also contact the SLV Helpdesk for individual IT support:

Funding to support educators to use the online TLDS

In June 2018, one-off funds were allocated to each funded kindergarten service for services to support their early childhood teachers as they engage with the online TLDS.

The funding provides time release to support early childhood teachers to become familiar with and use the online TLDS. Services can decide to allocate funds to:

  • take full advantage of the training and user guides
  • become familiar with and use the online TLDS (time release).

This one-off funding was based on $19.00 per child enrolled as per April enrolment data and was transferred to services with kindergarten funding in June 2018. This funding recognises that teachers who have many enrolments require more time and support to complete the statements online - primarily due to the 'newness' of the online platform and the numbers of statements required to be completed.

Funds must be quarantined for the purposes they were intended. The decision on how to use the funding should be negotiated between service management and the early childhood teachers responsible for writing transition statements.

All funds should be expended by 20 December 2019, at the end of term 4. Funded organisations will be contacted early in 2020 to complete a short audit indicating how the funds were expended in line with the intent of the funding.

Any further questions regarding funding please email

Benefits of using the online TLDS

Accessing the online TLDS via the Insight assessment platform (IAP) in 2018 will make it easier for early childhood teachers to complete and share the TLDS with schools to support effective transitions.

Being online, there is improved functionality across different sections of the statement to make it easier to capture information about a child's learning and development. Prompts and sequential ordering across screens will guide you through the completion of the online TLDS, while knowing it is all stored in the one secure platform.

By adding the online TLDS to the IAP, TLDS can be sent directly to the child's future school. It will then be linked to the child's individual profile. Additional assessments of learning are added to this profile as the child progresses through school. This supports continuity of learning and provides receiving teachers with a more holistic picture of the child's learning and development history.

Information for schools

If you're a teacher or Insight administrator, learn how to access transition statements for new prep students​.

Electronic ​TLDS

Using the online TLDS supports continuity of learning by providing teachers with a more holistic picture of the child's learning and development history. We encourage you to log in and try out the Online TLDS.  However, if you encounter issues in using the online TLDS, you can download the electronic TLDS here:

User guides to support you using the electronic TLDS are available here:​