Privacy and information sharing

Privacy requirements

Early childhood services and schools must be reasonable and fair in their treatment of personal and health information. This includes child assessments such as the Transition Learning and Development Statement (Transition Statement).

Privacy laws provide a guide to handling information. All Early Childhood Education and Care services (including Outside School Hours Care services) are also required under National Law and National Regulation to have a policy that outlines how the service ensures confidentiality in the treatment of personal information.

Confidentiality policies are required to adhere to relevant Commonwealth and/or State Privacy Legislation to ensure service practice aligns with community expectation and legal requirements. Confidentiality policies outline how services can collect, use, retain, secure and dispose of personal and health information, such as child assessments, including Transition Learning and Development Statements.​

When considering privacy issues, it is important for early childhood services and schools to consider the following requirements:

  • Collect: obtain only the information that is needed and be clear about the purpose for which it is being collected
  • Inform: tell the person why the information is needed and how it will be handled
  • Disclose: disclose the information only as necessary for the primary purpose of collection
  • Access: provide the person with access to their information on request, unless there are concerns that information contained in the files could cause harm to the individual or others
  • Security: keep personal information secure and safe from unauthorised access.

Guide to Information Sharing

From 2017, the process for obtaining consent to share information between early childhood services, OSHC services and schools to support effective transition has changed. For guidance on obtaining consent, collecting and sharing information, see:

Transition to School: Guide to Information Sharing (pdf - 391.9kb)

Transition to School: Guide to Information Sharing (docx - 112.06kb)

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to common questions regarding collecting and sharing information to support a child's Transition to School, see:

Transition to School Information sharing FAQ (pdf - 330.37kb)

Transition to School Information sharing FAQ (docx - 107.8kb)