Professional learning to support transition to school

Writing and using Transition Learning and Development Statements (TLDS) to support effective transition to school

Knowing what information to include in a Transition Learning and Development Statement (TLDS) and how to write statements using a strength-based approach will support improved continuity of learning for all children transitioning into primary school.

This 90-minute workshop, facilitated by early childhood experts and designed for early childhood teachers and Foundation teachers new to the TLDS, will discuss key features of a positive transition to school, writing the TLDS using a strength-based approach, involving children and families in the transition process, the benefits of play-based and inquiry-led learning, and planning for Term 1, 2023.

This online workshop will be repeated over three sessions, allowing participants to choose the date that best suits them.

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Online TLDS training and support

The State Library of Victoria also provides technical support for use of the Online TLDS tool.

Visit the State Library of Victoria Online TLDS website for further information and support. This includes TLDS Support Videos and TLDS tip sheets.

Kindergarten staff can also access the State Library of Victoria Online TLDS helpdesk by contacting:

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