MCH practice and service guidelines

Practice, service and clinical guidelines to assist Maternal and Child Health professionals in the management, delivery and monitoring of the service.

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Practice guidelines

The MCH practice guidelines 2009 details:

MCH clinical guidance

Innovation in your practice

The MCH innovation practice guide will help professionals working in the MCH Service to:

  • identify potential innovations
  • support the sector to design and implement innovations
  • contribute to the ongoing evidence base by developing evaluation and monitoring capabilities.

The guide is also useful for community-based organisations who collaborate with MCH services the delivery of programs and activities.

MCH service guidelines

The MCH service guidelines 2011 outline service delivery and monitoring requirements in line with policy directions.

MCH service program standards

The following documents outline the standards to which every MCH service must meet:

Enhanced MCH guidelines 2018

These guidelines replace the Enhanced MCH Guidelines (2003-2004).

The Enhanced MCH guidelines 2018 provide information to professionals working in the service based on:

Enhanced MCH clinical supervision guidelines

The Clinical supervision guidelines have been developed for use by local governments, MCH coordinators and team leaders, and Enhanced MCH nurses. The guidelines aim to describe and improve the standards and consistency of clinical supervision for the Enhanced MCH workforce working in local government agencies across Victoria. Includes the clinical supervision guidelines templates (docx - 34.44kb)

Finding a clinical supervisor

When selecting a clinical supervisor, ensure they meet the core competencies of the National Clinical Supervision Competency Resource. The three things to assess against are:

  • clinical supervision
  • safety and quality in clinical supervision
  • organisation.

If the supervision is in a group setting, consider if the supervisor has the attributes to facilitate groups.

From the MCH workforce

Some MCH nurses are trained clinical supervisors. MCH workforces have an opportunity to build capability from within by supporting staff to undertake clinical supervision training.

Word of mouth

Personal recommendations in the local region are a valuable resource. MCH Coordinators could ask other local health services for recommendations of effective clinical supervisors.

The following services may utilise clinical supervision or “secondary consultation”:

  • MCH service in neighbouring local governments
  • a local social worker or psychologist
  • hospitals, particularly mental health or parent infant units
  • community health services
  • family services organisations
  • child and adolescent mental health services
  • early parenting services
  • complimentary programs such as Child First and Cradle to Kinder
  • ask clinical supervision training providers, for past students they would recommend.

Database of supervisors

The following organisations hold a list of supervisors:

Small workforces

For a small workforce, it can be difficult to form a sizeable group. Consider joining or creating a clinical supervision group with other organisations.

Partnerships could form with the local organisations listed above and neighbouring local governments, and be a cost effective, practical and mutually professionally rewarding arrangement.

Expansion of the Enhanced MCH program

A landmark investment in the early years was announced as part of the 2017-18 Victorian Budget, with additional funding being provided to expand and improve MCH services in Victoria.

For further information on the expansion of the Enhanced MCH program, email

How the MCH service is administered

The Victorian MCH service is a partnership between the Department and local government, and aims to promote healthy outcomes for children and their families.

TheMemorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Department and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) 2017-2020  guides the partnership between state and local governments (represented by MAV) in decision making for planning, funding and provision of the Victorian MCH service.

The MCH service MOU forms an implementation agreement under the overarching Early Years Compact, an agreement between the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Health and Human Services, and local governments (represented by MAV).

Contact us

The MCH team can be contacted at:

  • Email (preferred):
  • Post: Maternal and Child Health, Department of Education and Training, GPO Box 4367, Melbourne 3001