2 Years

​​At this consultation your toddler's growth, health and development will be reviewed and kindergarten enrolment will be discussed.

This consultation will focus on:

  • your Parents' Evaluation of Development Status (PEDS) questions in your My Health, Learning and Development Record (remember to complete these questions before the visit if you can)
  • helping your child to eat healthy food
  • taking care of your child's teeth
  • how to be sun smart
  • how play helps learning and development
  • immunisations
  • preventing injuries
  • Kindergarten enrolment
  • family relationships and wellbeing.

Remember, you and your nurse can talk about other issues/concerns if they arise.

Please tell the nurse if your child is:

  • not coming to you for affection or comfort
  • not understanding any words
  • not putting any words together
  • not enjoying pretend play
  • not running.

Tip sheets

See the parent tip sheets given out at this visit.