Supporting newly arrived families with playgroups

Families new to Victoria will be able to take their children to culturally supported playgroups, allowing them to feel more at home in their new community.

The Victorian Cooperative on Children's Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG) is expanding their successful Supported Playgroups program thanks to a $490,000 investment.

The playgroups cater to families of different cultural backgrounds, giving them the confidence and security of attending a welcoming play environment.

Playgroups are important in developing a child's social skills, emotional functioning and support the transition to new learning environments, like kinder or school.

Parents also benefit from socialising with other mums and dads and fostering quality parent-child connections, such as shared book reading, under the guidance of trained facilitators.

The program has already been running in five areas across northern and western Melbourne, with dozens of families taking part.

VICSEG's integrated model provides group support and ongoing learning in education and employment for parents and children from the time they arrive in Australia.

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