Have you received children’s most up-to-date immunisation history?

​As of 1 November 2018, amended 'No Jab No Play' legislation requires that early childhood education and care services take reasonable steps to request from parents and carers their attending child's up-to-date Immunisation History Statements (IHS) at least twice per year.

These requests help early childhood education and care services support parents and carers to meet their own obligations under the 'No Jab No Play' legislation.

If parents or carers have already provided an up-to-date IHS, they don't need to be reminded again until the next request is due to be issued. 

Reasonable steps may include:

  • issuing a general reminder to parents and carers at least twice a year, at an interval no greater than seven months that they need to provide an updated IHS for their child
  • keeping the latest IHS with the child's enrolment records
  • reviewing enrolment records for children whose families may be at greater risk of falling behind with their child's immunisations, and provide follow-up requests for an up-to-date IHS if necessary
  • assessing each IHS to ensure they indicate the child is up to date with immunisations
  • supporting parents and carers to comply, by providing information about or referral to support services.

This legislation does not require services to exclude enrolled children who are not up to date with their immunisations (except in the event of vaccine-preventable disease outbreak). The purpose of the legislation is to encourage immunisation, not create a barrier to participation in early childhood service.

Practical resources have been developed to support all early childhood services with this requirement and includes an online version of the Immunisation Enrolment Toolkit.

The updated toolkit includes example IHS request letter templates and scenarios and suggestions for how to support families in different circumstances.

For more detailed information about managing immunisation documentation after enrolment please visit the Immunisation Enrolment Toolkit - Managing immunisation documentation after enrolment page.

Victoria is currently at its highest vaccination rate ever for children under five years of age in Australia, with 95 per cent of five-year-olds now fully immunised in Victoria. This is due in part to the key role that early childhood education and care services play in implementing No Jab No Play requirements.

Thank you for your continued support and role in promoting the importance of timely vaccination for children to the families in your community.

For further information visit No Jab No Play.