New online resource to help you support children with additional needs

AllPlay Learn is a new online resource to help early childhood providers and schools support students who have disabilities or additional learning needs. 

AllPlay Learn provides practical online information, strategies and resources for early childhood educators to help create inclusive environments for children with disabilities and additional needs. It also has information and resources to assist parents and children.

Developed in partnership with the Department of Education and Training, Deakin University screened over 170,000 research articles and engaged with early childhood educators to develop and tailor the AllPlay Learn resources to ensure they are fit for purpose.

All early childhood educators and childcare staff in kindergartens and long day care services will have access to not only the public resources available on AllPlay Learn, but also the professional learning modules.

The professional learning modules provide staff with guidance and advice on inclusive education practice, and direction on engaging students with various disabilities and needs such as autism and dyslexia.

Click here to use the AllPlay Learn resources. In the coming weeks, the professional learning modules will be available through logging in via the Kindergarten Information management system (KIMS). In the meantime, staff can log into these learning modules via the AllPlay Learn website using their email address.

AllPlay Learn is part of a growing suite of resources, including Early ABLES, aimed at early childhood educators to support children with disability and additional needs. Click here to access the Early ABLES resources.