Reminder to flush drinking water supply systems

‚ÄčAll early childhood and education care services breaking for holidays are reminded to flush drinking water supply systems after long periods of non-use. This is as a precaution to reduce children's potential exposure to metals that can dissolve into drinking water from some plumbing products.

The following best practice tips will help you make sure your service's water supply is safe for consumption after the school holiday break:

  • use water from cold taps only for drinking, cooking and preparing infant formula
  • flush the water system when returning from the school holidays by running the tap furthest from the main for two to three minutes. Flushing for longer may be needed for larger water systems. Following this, flush remaining taps and fountains used for drinking for a few seconds to clear any water that has been sitting in the individual plumbing fittings.

For more information, refer to Drinking water and public health on the Department of Health and Human Services website.