Support to become an early childhood teacher

Financial support in the form of scholarships is helping hundreds of Victorians to pursue a rewarding career as an early childhood teacher.

More than 4000 new early childhood teachers will be needed as Three-Year-Old Kindergarten is rolled out over the coming decade.

Hundreds of Victorians have already successfully applied for financial support to become a degree-qualified early childhood teacher.

More than 800 scholarships have been awarded to people studying an approved early childhood qualification in Victoria since the program launched in October 2018, and more scholarships are still available.

People starting their study, already studying early childhood teaching, or currently working in early childhood and looking to upskill can apply for financial support online. 

Applications for scholarships of up to $25,000 can be made at any time during the year by providing evidence of enrolment in an approved early childhood teaching qualification.

Scholarships of up to $18,000 are also available for postgraduate qualifications.

Early Childhood Aboriginal pathways scholarships of up to $34,000 are available to support Aboriginal people to study approved qualifications from Certificate III and Diploma through to degree and postgraduate level.

This support is helping more people pursue a career as an early childhood teacher, and to deliver universal funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten across the state.

Mid-year intake undergraduate enrolments 2020

If you are an early childhood educator who wants to upskill, you can apply to study a bachelor degree during the mid-year university intake to become an early childhood teacher.

Experienced diploma-qualified educators may be eligible for recognised prior learning when enrolling in university. This can reduce the number of subjects and time needed to complete your degree.

Enrolment requirements and study options differ across universities so contact individual universities for more information. 

More information

Find out more by visiting the financial support to study and work in early childhood web page.

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