1. Rolling out Three-Year-Old Kinder

    Universal funded Three-Year-Old Kindergarten is being delivered in stages, focusing first on regional and rural Victoria.

  2. What the evidence says

    Research tells us that early brain development is critical in shaping the learning, development, health and wellbeing of children.

  3. Funding and policies

    An overview of some of the funding and policies that will support Three-Year-Old Kindergarten programs.

  4. Recruiting new teachers and educators

    We have resources and tips for service managers and providers to help promote opportunities and recruit for Three-Year-Old Kindergarten programs.

  5. Answering your questions

    Contact your local Early Childhood Improvement Branch to discuss your questions and discover what resources and tailored advice can support you.

  6. Three-Year-Old Kindergarten Teaching Toolkit

    Information for teachers to support the planning and delivery of Three-Year-Old Kindergarten programs.

  7. Communicating about Three-Year-Old Kindergarten to your community

    Communications resources to support kindergarten services to promote the reform.