Access school student records

You can access your school record, which includes details of your enrolment in a school.

In most cases you should contact the school directly. Search for schools​ to see if the school is still open and find their contact information.

You must provide identification as the student requesting the records. This can be a current drivers licence or health care card. You must show both sides of the card.

If a government school is closed, merged or has changed names, email

If you think a record may contain information about health, welfare or details of another person, you must submit a freedom of information request instead.

Access another person’s record

You must:

  1. get their permission in writing, including a date and signature
  2. get their identification, as described above
  3. email

If you can’t get this information, submit a freedom of information request.

Non government schools

Contact the school first. If the school has closed, contact either Catholic Education Melbourne or Independent Schools Victoria

The Public Record Office Victoria also holds some closed non-government school records.

Get advice

For further advice, email


All Victorian government school records are subject to the Public Records Act 1973 and the disposal standards issued under the act.

Depending on when you attended school, it’s possible the only existing record will be a record of enrolment.

Up until about 1993, primary schools usually recorded enrolments in pupil registers. Secondary schools usually used enrolment cards or registers. After 2003 enrolments were recorded on an electronic system managed by us.