Fees and fines

​We charge fees and fines in accordance with all Victorian Government departments. This includes:

  • fees for services and regulatory purposes, including licensing and registering certain activities
  • fines for improper conduct, and to dis​​courage unlawful behaviour.

Fees and fines are officially set and revised by their relevant legislation.

The Victorian Government has a policy of automatically indexing certain fees and fines each year for inflation, so that the value of those fees and fines is maintained.

Our fees and fines

This list is an overview of the fees and fines we charge.

International education

Tuition fees and other charges for international students are published on the Victorian Government Schools International Student Program website. See: School fees

Freedom of information (FOI)

Fees and access charges for FOI requests are published on the Victorian FOI website. See: Costs

Human resource services

Charges for replacement PAYG summaries are published in the Human Resources section of this website. See: PAYG Payment Summary

Children's services licensing

Fees and penalties for children's services operating under the Victorian law are published in Victorian Children's Services section of this website. See: Fees and Penalties

Victorian Institute of Teaching

Registration fees and other charges fro the teaching profession are published on the Victorian Institute of Teaching website. See: Pay my fees

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

Fees and charges for providers of education and training are published on the VRQA website. See: VRQA Fees and Charges


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