Data set requests

Before considering a request for customised data, please ensure that the data you seek it not published on any of the below platforms and pages:

DET staff can also consult Datazone, the HES Data Portal, the Outcomes Framework, the Evidence Base, or the Information Asset Register via the DET intranet (no public access).

Requesting data

If the data you seek has not been published, you can submit a request for customised data.

However, before submitting the
 Data request form (docx - 48.22kb) please contact DET via email to discuss your intent. 

How we respond

Provision of data by the Department will be in accordance with the terms of the Data Protocol (docx - 87.11kb)

To allow us enough time to assess and meet your request, it should be submitted well in advance of when the data is needed.​ Further information on timelines will be provided once your request has been received.

When a formal request has been made through the data governance address, it will generally be acknowledged and considered within five working days. 

If your request can be serviced, we will endeavour to provide a response within 15 working days, however this timeline may not be met due to the nature of the request and/or other operational priorities.

Please note that we will not always be able to provide the data sets you have ​​requested. Reasons may include:

  • where the requested data set does not exist
  • the data in the data set has been supplied to the Department by a third party, or in circumstances of confidentiality
  • a risk that the identity of individuals may be reasonably ascertained from a data set has been identified
  • disclosure of the data contained in a data set is prohibited by law
  • it is not practicable to divert our resources to meet the request, which is often the case when requests are extensive, pertaining to multiple sources, large data sets or involving complex processing.

Our research

For information about conducting research in Victorian government schools or in early childhood settings, see Research.

Freedom of Information 

You have a right to access certain documents in our possession. For more information, see Freedom of Information.