State of Victoria's Children Report

​Annual State of Victoria’s Children reports provide a comprehensive picture of the health, wellbeing, learning, safety and development of Victoria’s children and young people.

2018 Report

The 2018 State of Victoria's Children Report provides an overview of how adolescent Victorians are faring, in terms of educational outcomes, health and wellbeing, safety and home life.

The report finds that most adolescent Victorians are in good physical and mental health, have positive peer and family relationships, and live in safe community environments. Rates of smoking, drinking and illicit drug use have declined to record lows. NAPLAN performance and Year 12 attainment rates are improving, setting up this generation for success in life.

The report also highlights several generational challenges. Many adolescents are overweight and most do not meet guidelines for diet, exercise or screen time. Increasing numbers are reporting mental health problems and many do not find mental health services to be accessible. Self-harm presentations to emergency departments are higher than in the past, and there are increasing rates of children in contact with child protection.

The report highlights the government policies and programs in place to address these challenges.

The 2018 report also showcases the artistic talents of Victoria's students, with artwork from the Victorian Top Art finalists on display throughout the report.

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