On Track survey

​On Track surveys school leavers to find out if they are on track to a bright future.

School leavers are contacted within six months of leaving school to see if they are on a path to further education, training or employment. Young people can also seek advice and assistance via a referral service if they need to get back on track.

How it works

The survey happens from late April to mid July and is run by the Social Research Centre, on behalf of the Department.

Students who consent to participate receive a letter providing with a username and password to access the online survey. The survey takes 5 to 10 minutes. All school leavers who complete the survey online are entered into a draw to win a prize.

On Track data helps build a comprehensive picture of what happens to young people after they leave school. This assists the Victorian government improve school, career, local job and training services. It also helps to develop the support available to young people, to ensure they have access to the guidance and skills they need to achieve their education and employment goals.

For more information on On Track data, contact ontrack.survey@edumail.vic.gov.au

Data and reports

Destination data of school leavers for each Victorian school are available for download in VASS. VASS administrators can download their school report by using the menu SYSTEM ADMIN >Downloads. To see all available reports, enter On Track In the key words box and click on the <Find> button.

Destination of school leavers reports

These reports include analysis of the destinations of Victorian students shortly after they leave school from years 10, 11 and 12. They include:

  • destinations by gender, year level, socio economic status and regional areas
  • reasons for not continuing in education and training
  • the occupations and hours worked of employed school leavers.

Year 12 completers summary

This table contains On Track destination results and Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre tertiary applications and enrolments data for year 12 completers in each Victorian school.

The table categorises the major destinations reported by young people who participated in the survey.

Local government area reports

These reports include the destination pathways of year 12 completers and year 12 non-completers for each LGA within Victoria.

2018 On Track reports for Victorian local government areas
Alpine (pdf - 1,000.33kb)
Alpine (docx - 1.72mb)
Ararat (pdf - 999.72kb)
Ararat (docx - 1.72mb)

Ballarat (pdf - 1,004.67kb)
Ballarat (docx - 1.72mb)

Banyule (pdf - 1,005.65kb)
Banyule (docx - 1.72mb)
Bass Coast (pdf - 1,005.05kb)
Bass Coast (docx - 1.72mb)

Baw Baw (pdf - 1,006.51kb)
Baw Baw (docx - 1.72mb)

Bayside (pdf - 1,004.99kb)
Bayside (docx - 1.72mb)
Benalla (pdf - 1,002.12kb)
Benalla (docx - 1.72mb)

Boroondara (pdf - 1,006.48kb)
Boroondara (docx - 1.72mb)

Brimbank (pdf - 1,005.31kb)
Brimbank (docx - 1.72mb)

Buloke (pdf - 997.51kb)
Buloke (docx - 1.72mb)

Campaspe (pdf - 1,002.34kb)
Campaspe (docx - 1.72mb)

Cardinia (pdf - 1,005.74kb)
Cardinia (docx - 1.72mb)

Casey (pdf - 1,002.09kb)
Casey (docx - 1.72mb)

Central Goldfields (pdf - 1,006.49kb)
Central Goldfields (docx - 1.72mb)

Colac-Otway (pdf - 1,010.48kb)
Colac-Otway (docx - 1.72mb)

Corangamite (pdf - 1,000.4kb)
Corangamite (docx - 1.72mb)

Darebin (pdf - 1,003.38kb)
Darebin (docx - 1.72mb)

East Gippsland (pdf - 1,010.17kb)
East Gippsland (docx - 1.72mb)

Frankston (pdf - 1,004.49kb)
Frankston (docx - 1.72mb)

Gannawarra (pdf - 1,000.73kb)
Gannawarra (docx - 1.72mb)

Glen Eira (pdf - 1,010.29kb)
Glen Eira (docx - 1.72mb)

Glenelg (pdf - 1,003.52kb)
Glenelg (docx - 1.72mb)

Greater Bendigo (pdf - 1,009.65kb)
Greater Bendigo (docx - 1.72mb)

Greater Dandenong (pdf - 1,011.37kb)
Greater Dandenong (docx - 1.72mb)

Greater Geelong (pdf - 1,012.63kb)
Greater Geelong (docx - 1.72mb)

Greater Shepparton (pdf - 1 (pdf - 1,014.42kb)
Greater Shepparton (docx - 1.72mb)

Hepburn (pdf - 1,000.61kb)
Hepburn (docx - 1.72mb)

Hindmarsh (pdf - 1,000.94kb)
Hindmarsh (docx - 1.72mb)

Hobsons Bay (pdf - 1,008.74kb)
Hobsons Bay (docx - 1.72mb)

Horsham (pdf - 1,004.25kb)
Horsham (docx - 1.72mb)

Hume (pdf - 1,004.16kb)
Hume (docx - 1.72mb)

Indigo (pdf - 1,000.26kb)
Indigo (docx - 1.72mb)

Kingston (pdf - 1,005.38kb)
Kingston (docx - 1.72mb)

Knox (pdf - 1,002.5kb)
Knox (docx - 1.72mb)

Latrobe (pdf - 1,002.48kb)
Latrobe (docx - 1.72mb)

Loddon (pdf - 992.85kb)
Loddon (docx - 1.72mb)

Macedon Ranges (pdf - 1,005.46kb)
Macedon Ranges (docx - 1.72mb)

Manningham (pdf - 1 (pdf - 1,004.55kb)
Manningham (docx - 1.72mb)

Mansfield (pdf - 998.33kb)
Mansfield (docx - 1.72mb)

Maribyrnong (pdf - 1,005.94kb)
Maribyrnong (docx - 1.72mb)

Maroondah (pdf - 1,007.15kb)
Maroondah (docx - 1.72mb)

Melbourne (pdf - 1,004.9kb)
Melbourne (docx - 1.72mb)

Melton (pdf - 1,003.78kb)
Melton (docx - 1.72mb)

Mildura (pdf - 1,000.28kb)
Mildura (docx - 1.72mb)

Mitchell (pdf - 1,004.62kb)
Mitchell (docx - 1.72mb)

Moira (pdf - 999.98kb)
Moira (docx - 1.72mb)

Monash (pdf - 1,006.01kb)
Monash (docx - 1.72mb)

Moonee Valley (pdf - 1,005.79kb)
Moonee Valley (docx - 1.72mb)

Moorabool (pdf - 999.13kb)
Moorabool (docx - 1.72mb)

Moreland (pdf - 1,002.81kb)
Moreland (docx - 1.72mb)

Mornington Peninsula (pdf - 1,012.58kb)
Mornington Peninsula (docx - 1.72mb)

Mount Alexander (pdf - 1,005.08kb)
Mount Alexander (docx - 1.72mb)

Moyne (pdf - 982.55kb)
Moyne (docx - 1.72mb)

Murrindindi (pdf - 997.18kb)
Murrindindi (docx - 1.72mb)

Nillumbik (pdf - 1,005.85kb)
Nillumbik (docx - 1.72mb)

Northern Grampians (pdf - 1,008.46kb)
Northern Grampians (docx - 1.72mb)

Port Phillip (pdf - 1,000.38kb)
Port Phillip (docx - 1.72mb)

Pyrenees (pdf - 1 (pdf - 982.15kb)
Pyrenees (docx - 1.72mb)

South Gippsland (pdf - 1,008.64kb)
South Gippsland (docx - 1.72mb)

Southern Grampians (pdf - 1,011.97kb)
Southern Grampians (docx - 1.72mb)

Stonnington (pdf - 1,005.51kb)
Stonnington (docx - 1.72mb)

Strathbogie (pdf - 994.77kb)
Strathbogie (docx - 1.72mb)

Surf Coast (pdf - 1,000.1kb)
Surf Coast (docx - 1.72mb)

Swan Hill (pdf - 1,006.84kb)
Swan Hill (docx - 1.72mb)

Towong (pdf - 999.11kb)
Towong (docx - 1.72mb)

Wangaratta (pdf - 1,007.82kb)
Wangaratta (docx - 1.72mb)

Warrnambool (pdf - 1,008.8kb)
Warrnambool (docx - 1.72mb)

Wellington (pdf - 1,005.82kb)
Wellington (docx - 1.72mb)

West Wimmera (pdf - 998.8kb)
West Wimmera (docx - 1.72mb)

Whitehorse (pdf - 1,006.21kb)
Whitehorse (docx - 1.72mb)

Whittlesea (pdf - 1,007.11kb)
Whittlesea (docx - 1.72mb)

Wodonga (pdf - 1,007.36kb)
Wodonga (docx - 1.72mb)

Wyndham (pdf - 1,006.34kb)
Wyndham (docx - 1.72mb)

Yarra (pdf - 1,003.58kb)
Yarra (docx - 1.71mb)

Yarra Ranges (pdf - 1,005.07kb)
Yarra Ranges (docx - 1.72mb)

Yarriambiack (pdf - 998.01kb)
Yarriambiack (docx - 1.71mb)