Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System (VCAMS)

VCAMS portal

View and explore data visualisations about children and young people at state and LGA level.

VCAMS indicator data spread sheets

Access VCAMS raw indicator data in spread sheet format.

The Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System (VCAMS) tracks and measures children and young people's health, wellbeing, safety, learning and development outcomes as identified in the VCAMS Outcomes Framework.

  • VCAMS Outcomes Framework - includes 35 outcomes and 150 indicators. The VCAMS portal brings together data from across government to report against these outcomes.

Data will be released onto the VCAMS portal in stages.

  • VCAMS portal – provides interactive dashboards of data at state and LGA level. The portal allows users to view and customise data to identify emerging issues, and to compare and monitor the progress of children, young people and their families.
  • VCAMS indicator data spread sheets – provides access to detailed VCAMS indicator data in Excel spread sheets in a web accessible format and to enable use for research and planning proposes.
  • Programs and policies (pdf - 338.08kb) – outlines some of the current government programs and policies relevant to the selected VCAMS indicators.

More information

Find out more about the VCAMS portal and its background: VCAMS Portal Flyer (pdf - 1.47mb) | VCAMS Portal Flyer (docx - 29.83kb).

 Frequently Asked Questions (docx - 1.6mb) -find answers to technical, data and general queries about using the portal.

Additional Indicator Information (Metadata) (docx - 653.59kb) – access more information about the sources of the VCAMS indicators.

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