Victorian student health and wellbeing survey

The student health and wellbeing survey (known as the About You Survey) collects important information about the health, development, learning, safety and wellbeing of children and young people in Victorian schools.

The survey is conducted every two years with students in Years 5, 8 and 11 from a sample of Victorian schools across all school sectors.

In addition the survey is being offered to all government schools in 2019 with students in years 7, 8, 10 and 11. Schools are expected to participate in the survey to form an accurate picture of the health and wellbeing of their students.

The survey covers topics relating to nutrition, health, physical activity, safety, life satisfaction, and family relationships.

2019 survey information for schools

Colmar Brunton Research has been contracted to conduct the 2019 survey in government schools. The survey is conducted online in schools and is available through term 2 and 3.

Colmar Brunton will provide information to schools about completing the survey with their students.

Participation by students is voluntary. However, in order for us to collect accurate information it is important that as many schools and students as possible participate in this study.

Information for parents and students

Survey information and consent forms will be provided to parents and students by each participating school. 

Students do not have to participate in the survey and do not have to answer any question if they feel uncomfortable doing so. 

Parents and students can withdraw consent at any time. 

How the student information is used

The information in the cross sector study will be used by the Department and other government planners to improve the delivery and quality of services and initiatives for Victorian children. The responses are analysed and reported at a statewide and area level.

Some findings from the survey will be published online, including in the annual State of Victoria’s Children reports (an outcomes-focused analysis on how Victorian Children and Young People are faring).

Summary of results to schools

Schools are provided with a summary of results for their school where responses to questions are sufficiently high to ensure student anonymity. The responses will inform the monitoring of health and wellbeing outcomes for children, and improvements to delivery and quality of services.

2016 results

To view a report on the 2016 About You Survey results across a range of topics, see: VSHAWS summary findings  (docx - 4.62mb)

For a snapshot on key topics from the 2016 About You Survey see:

2014 results

The 2014 survey included a sample of schools where student height and weight was measured. To view a statewide summary of the About You survey results, see: About You summary findings (docx - 6.83mb)

To view at a local level where possible, see: VCAMS

For snapshots on key topics from the survey see:

Further information

For more information about the survey collection, email