Research strategy and priorities

Research Strategy 

The Department is committed to promoting an evidence-based environment. We strive to ensure our actions are based on rigours, accurate and timely information.

The Department's Research Strategy:

  • articulates the importance of research evidence to inform decision-making. Research is also important for policy and program development and implementation.
  •  assesses the Department's current strengths, issues and future opportunities regarding research
  • identifies actions for strengthening the use of research evidence in the Department.

The Research Strategy includes the Research Priority Areas 2021-2022 (the Research Priorities). The Research Priorities are updated yearly to reflect the Department's evidence needs. 

Research Priority Areas 2021-2022

The Department has developed the Research Priorities in consultation with the research community.

The Department's vision is to give every Victorian the best learning experience.

The Research Priorities:

  • guide the Department's research activities and investments
  • foster partnerships with the research community, and
  • encourage high-quality research that benefits Victoria's children and young people.

The Research Priorities contain seven themes:

  • driving workforce excellence and sustainability

  • engagement and partnership with families and communities

  • post-school transitions, pathways and further education and training

  • supporting all students to achieve, engage and be happy, healthy and resilient

  • pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and outcomes

  • early childhood education investment and impacts

  • sector structure and market design.

Research Priority Areas 2021-2022

Research Priority Areas
Research Priority Areas 2021-2022 pdf 3.47mb
Research Priorities Factsheet
Research Priorities Factsheet pdf 107kb  docx 216kb

Research related to the Research Priorities

The Department facilitates research in schools and early childhood education settings. The Department will prioritise access for research that relates to the Research Priorities.

Apply to conduct research in a school or early childhood education setting (currently paused for the remainder of 2021)  

More information

For more information, contact the Strategic Research Unit at

You can also contact the Strategic Research Unit to:

  • discuss opportunities for research
  • discuss opportunities for collaboration
  • get advice on undertaking research in schools and early childhood education settings
  • share completed or planned research related to the Research Priorities.