Adolescent community profiles

The series of Adolescent community profiles draw on data on outcomes for young people compiled through the Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System (VCAMS). These profiles provide local level information on the health, learning, development, safety and wellbeing of adolescents aged 10 to 17 years.

The Adolescent community profile summary sheets contain a summary of the indicator data contained in these community profiles.

Revised version - June 2011

Revisions to these profiles have been made on pages 14, 38 and 43; these revised pages have been dated accordingly within the profiles. For a description of these revisions, see: Profile Revisions June 2011 (pdf - 124.92kb)

Community profilesSummary sheets

Community profiles

Local level community profiles

Select an area of interest to download a copy of the Adolescent Community Profile.

Alpine (pdf - 2.64mb) Gannawarra (pdf - 2.65mb) Mansfield (pdf - 2.65mb) Queenscliffe (pdf - 2.65mb)
Ararat (pdf - 2.65mb) Glen Eira (pdf - 2.65mb) Maribyrnong (pdf - 2.65mb) South Gippsland (pdf - 2.65mb)
Ballarat (pdf - 2.83mb) Glenelg (pdf - 2.65mb) Maroondah (pdf - 2.65mb) Southern Grampians (pdf - 2.65mb)
Banyule (pdf - 2.65mb) Golden Plains (pdf - 2.65mb) Melbourne (pdf - 2.65mb) Stonnington (pdf - 2.65mb)
Bass Coast (pdf - 2.65mb) Greater Bendigo (pdf - 2.99mb) Melton (pdf - 2.65mb) Strathbogie (pdf - 2.65mb)
Baw Baw (pdf - 2.65mb) Greater Dandenong (pdf - 2.65mb) Mildura (pdf - 2.65mb) Surf Coast (pdf - 2.65mb)
Bayside (pdf - 2.65mb) Greater Geelong (pdf - 2.65mb) Mitchell (pdf - 2.64mb) Swan Hill (pdf - 2.65mb)
Benalla (pdf - 2.64mb) Greater Shepparton (pdf - 2.65mb) Moira (pdf - 2.64mb) Towong (pdf - 2.64mb)
Boroondara (pdf - 2.65mb) Hepburn (pdf - 2.65mb) Monash (pdf - 2.65mb) Wangaratta (pdf - 2.65mb)
Brimbank (pdf - 2.65mb) Hindmarsh (pdf - 2.65mb) Moonee Valley (pdf - 2.65mb) Warrnambool (pdf - 2.65mb)
Buloke (pdf - 2.65mb) Hobsons Bay (pdf - 2.65mb) Moorabool (pdf - 2.65mb) Wellington (pdf - 2.65mb)
Campaspe (pdf - 2.65mb) Horsham (pdf - 2.65mb) Moreland (pdf - 2.65mb) West Wimmera (pdf - 2.65mb)
Cardinia (pdf - 2.65mb) Hume (pdf - 3.08mb) Mornington Peninsula (pdf - 2.65mb) Whitehorse (pdf - 2.65mb)
Casey (pdf - 2.65mb) Indigo (pdf - 2.64mb) Mount Alexander (pdf - 2.65mb) Whittlesea (pdf - 2.65mb)
Central Goldfields (pdf - 2.65mb) Kingston (pdf - 2.65mb) Moyne (pdf - 2.65mb) Wodonga (pdf - 2.64mb)
Colac-Otway (pdf - 2.65mb) Knox (pdf - 2.65mb) Murrindindi (pdf - 2.64mb) Wyndham (pdf - 2.65mb)
Corangamite (pdf - 2.65mb) Latrobe (pdf - 2.65mb) Nillumbik (pdf - 2.65mb) Yarra (pdf - 2.65mb)
Darebin (pdf - 2.65mb) Loddon (pdf - 2.65mb) Northern Grampians (pdf - 2.65mb) Yarra Ranges (pdf - 2.65mb)
East Gippsland (pdf - 2.65mb) Macedon Ranges (pdf - 2.65mb) Port Phillip (pdf - 2.65mb) Yarriambiack (pdf - 2.65mb)
Frankston (pdf - 2.65mb) Manningham (pdf - 2.65mb) Pyrenees (pdf - 2.38mb) 

Regional community profiles

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Metropolitan regionsNon-Metropolitan regions

Eastern Metropolitan (pdf - 2.71mb)

Northern Metropolitan (pdf - 2.71mb)

Southern Metropolitan (pdf - 2.71mb)

Western Metropolitan (pdf - 2.71mb)

Barwon South West (pdf - 2.71mb)

Gippsland (pdf - 2.75mb)

Grampians (pdf - 2.71mb)

Hume (pdf - 2.7mb)

Loddon Mallee (pdf - 2.71mb)

Adolescent community profiles summary sheets

These Adolescent community profiles summary sheets provide a high level summary of the indicator data contained within the Adolescent community profiles.

Local level summary sheets

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Alpine (pdf - 521.14kb) Gannawarra (pdf - 522.23kb) Mansfield (pdf - 521.54kb) Queenscliffe (pdf - 522.41kb)
Ararat (pdf - 521.61kb) Glen Eira (pdf - 522.02kb) Maribyrnong (pdf - 522.53kb) South Gippsland (pdf - 521.81kb)
Ballarat (pdf - 528.86kb) Glenelg (pdf - 522.07kb) Maroondah (pdf - 521.42kb) Southern Grampians (pdf - 522.05kb)
Banyule (pdf - 521.09kb) Golden Plains (pdf - 521.22kb) Melbourne (pdf - 521.97kb) Stonnington (pdf - 521.73kb)
Bass Coast (pdf - 521.45kb) Greater Bendigo (pdf - 529.53kb) Melton (pdf - 521.33kb) Strathbogie (pdf - 521.77kb)
Baw Baw (pdf - 521.93kb) Greater Dandenong (pdf - 522.43kb) Mildura (pdf - 522.11kb) Surf Coast (pdf - 521.45kb)
Bayside (pdf - 521.57kb) Greater Geelong (pdf - 522.33kb) Mitchell (pdf - 521.55kb) Swan Hill (pdf - 522.95kb)
Benalla (pdf - 521.72kb) Greater Shepparton (pdf - 522.53kb) Moira (pdf - 521.54kb) Towong (pdf - 522.07kb)
Boroondara (pdf - 521.17kb) Hepburn (pdf - 521.84kb) Monash (pdf - 521.46kb) Wangaratta (pdf - 522.45kb)
Brimbank (pdf - 522.21kb) Hindmarsh (pdf - 521.22kb) Moonee Valley (pdf - 522.08kb) Warrnambool (pdf - 522.18kb)
Buloke (pdf - 521.61kb) Hobsons Bay (pdf - 521.97kb) Moorabool (pdf - 522kb) Wellington (pdf - 521.89kb)
Campaspe (pdf - 521.49kb) Horsham (pdf - 521.88kb) Moreland (pdf - 521.43kb) West Wimmera (pdf - 521.58kb)
Cardinia (pdf - 521.2kb) Hume (pdf - 521.42kb) Mornington Peninsula (pdf - 522.06kb) Whitehorse (pdf - 522.03kb)
Casey (pdf - 86.63kb) Indigo (pdf - 521.33kb) Mount Alexander (pdf - 521.88kb) Whittlesea (pdf - 522.04kb)
Central Goldfields (pdf - 86.96kb) Kingston (pdf - 522.19kb) Moyne (pdf - 521.89kb) Wodonga (pdf - 522.44kb)
Colac-Otway (pdf - 522.44kb) Knox (pdf - 522.33kb) Murrindindi (pdf - 521.56kb) Wyndham (pdf - 521.45kb)
Corangamite (pdf - 521.83kb) Latrobe (pdf - 521.6kb) Nillumbik (pdf - 521.83kb) Yarra (pdf - 521.33kb)
Darebin (pdf - 521.54kb) Loddon (pdf - 520.97kb) Northern Grampians (pdf - 521.86kb) Yarra Ranges (pdf - 521.88kb)
East Gippsland (pdf - 521.65kb) Macedon Ranges (pdf - 522.23kb) Port Phillip (pdf - 521.53kb) Yarriambiack (pdf - 522.01kb)
Frankston (pdf - 521.78kb) Manningham (pdf - 522kb) Pyrenees (pdf - 520.92kb) 

Regional summary sheets

Select the region of interest to download the Adolescent Community Profile summary sheet.

Metropolitan RegionsNon-Metropolitan Regions

Eastern Metropolitan (pdf - 82.83kb)

Northern Metropolitan (pdf - 82.95kb)

Southern Metropolitan (pdf - 83.21kb)

Western Metropolitan (pdf - 81.55kb)

Barwon South West (pdf - 83.23kb)

Gippsland (pdf - 81.3kb)

Grampians (pdf - 81.28kb)

Hume (pdf - 80.84kb)

Loddon Mallee (pdf - 81.16kb)