ACFE Regional Council Resources Hub

The ACFE Regional Council Resources Hub has been developed to assist the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Regional Councils and the ACFE Board with understanding and fulfilling their governance role. Governance is the action of governing and being governed. Governance is about direction setting and advancing the purpose of an organisation. It focuses on the big picture of an organisation.

These resources have been grouped into activities each Council member, chairperson/deputy chairperson or ACFE Board member is likely to undertake around its governance role.

ACFE Regional Council - Members

Being a new member

 Managing your role

Managing conflict of interest

ACFE Regional Council - Chairperson / Deputy Chairperson

Leading Regional Council

Recruiting new members

Consulting with stakeholders

Conducting an annual review

Developing a Regional Council Plan

Advising the ACFE Board

Supporting and promoting the Learn Local sector

ACFE Board - Members

Undertaking your role