Victorian child health and wellbeing survey

We undertake research into the health and wellbeing of Victorian children through the Victorian child health and wellbeing study. Issues covered include:

  • child health
  • growth
  • asthma
  • nutrition
  • oral health
  • reading
  • injury
  • child behaviour
  • family functioning
  • parental health
  • parental mental health
  • health in pregnancy.

Data from previous surveys

The information collected in this study is used to improve the delivery and quality of services and initiatives for children in Victoria.

For data from the 2006, 2009 and 2013 surveys, see: State of Victoria’s children annual reports.

Additional findings and background information is also available in the 2006 Technical Report and the 2009 Preliminary Findings Paper and the 2013 Summary Findings Paper.

For more information on past collections see:


If you have further queries about the study, see: Social Research Centre’s information page