Our data collection and evaluation

​We collect​ data to monitor performance across schools and early childhood services.

The aim is to:

  • ​improve services
  • improve outcomes in student learning
  • enhance engagement with the system
  • give strategies for successful transition into careers and lifelong learning.

​Data collection in schools

School performance data - information about Victorian government school performance and tools to support school effectiveness and improvement including: performance reports, surveys, and benchmarking publications.

School census information - contains instructions for counting school students for statistical purposes and on issues concerning the last census, the census process checklist, and frequently asked questions.​​

See also VCAA Research and Statistics - provides a wide range of research and statistical information regarding the operation and conduct of curriculum and assessment activities in the Victorian education system.

Data collection post school

On Track destination data- comprehensive information about post school destinations providing data on progress of year 10-12 students, in the previous year, to find out if they are studying or in full time work since leaving school.

Data collection in early years services

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) - a population measure of how young children (5 years old) are developing in different communities across Australia as they enter school.

Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System (VCAMS) - a comprehensive, across government, monitoring system to monitor and report on the safety, health, development, learning and wellbeing of children and young people in Victoria.