About the Catalogue

​Key Sections

The online catalogue is organised around key sections including early childhood and adolescent indicators which can be accessed via the left navigation.


When you open a section a table of indicators appears in the left column, with its associated recommended strategies.

For example: click on 'Antenatal and parental smoking', and two indicators appear (decreased rate of children exposed to tobacco smoke in the home, and decreased rate of women smoking during pregnancy.

The evidence base
Selection of recommended interventions
Recommended strategies
Recommended strategy 1: Car and Home: Smoke Free Zone
Recommended strategy 2: STOP Program
Recommended strategy 3: NAPS

The top section of the page remains stable and in view on your page, however, when you click on any of the links above, you will see the content of the link appear in the lower part of your screen.

Recommended Strategies

Each indicator has up to 4 recommended strategies that can be implemented and adapted to local needs. These may change over time with more strategies being added, some being removed and others being updated. You can click on both the indicator and the related recommended strategies to view them.