Seed Funding for Strategic Research

A pilot program that supports research projects that are aligned to the Department’s strategic research priorities.

Applications for seed funding are now closed.

Who can apply

To be eligible for funding through the Strategic Research Seed Funding Pilot, projects must:

  • be conducted by an organisation that undertakes research and which is able to enter into a Funding Agreement with DET as a legal entity
  • be co-funded by the research organisation
  • be based in Victoria
  • have, or be likely to receive, ethics approval from the research organisation’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC)
  • be able to be completed within 12 months of commencement unless otherwise agreed
  • align with the Department’s strategic research priorities (see below).

Projects are not eligible for Seed Funding if:

  • they are part of a commercial enterprise or for-profit venture
  • they are already in receipt of funding by a third party (applicants must disclose all current and future funding applications for the same research project)
  • the research team or organisation have already applied for Strategic Research Seed Funding for another project.

The Seed Funding Pilot will provide up to $70,000 per research project to contribute to the building of an innovative and contemporary education evidence-base.

Research priorities

DET’s strategic research priorities are areas of key interest in the development of a strong evidence base to support policy development and Department decision-making. These areas cover:

  • system improvement
  • emerging industry and skills development
  • social inclusion and wellbeing
  • policy development, reform and implementation
  • operational excellence and workforce collaboration
  • pedagogy, practice and outcomes.

Projects applying for Seed Funding must align with one or more of the Department’s research priorities. More information on the research priorities can be found in the Research Priorities Overview (pdf - 25.6kb).

How can the funding be used?

Strategic Research Seed Funding can be used to cover:

  • salary costs for research and dedicated technical staff
  • project costs
  • travel within Australia required as part of the project (not including travel for the attendance of conferences).

Items not covered by this funding include:

  • institutional overheads
  • costs associated with ongoing programs or organisational core business
  • administrative staff salaries
  • conference costs
  • operational and infrastructure costs
  • overseas travel or conference travel.

How to apply

Applications for Strategic Research Seed Funding have now closed. The application guidelines below detail the supporting information for applicants:

Application deadline and evaluation

The closing date and time for submitting applications was 5.00pm, Friday 2 February 2018.
Funding will be available to a limited number of projects only. Applications will be evaluated in a competitive, merit-based process against the grant scheme’s assessment criteria by a panel of representatives from across DET.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria (see Application Guidelines): 

  • Research priorities and policy impact
  • Design and methodology
  • Research team: qualifications and experience
  • Co-funding value

Successful applicants

Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Victorian Government through the Department of Education and Training. This Agreement is to be finalised and signed during March 2018.

Funding will be provided to successful applicants in three milestone instalments: upon signing the Funding Agreement; upon the Department’s satisfaction with a midpoint progress report; and upon the Department’s satisfaction that project and its agreed outputs are complete.

The Department will support the academic publication of findings from complete Strategic Research Seed Funding projects.

More information

For information please contact the Strategic Research Team at or on (03) 7022 0353