STEM for students

​The products of STEM knowledge is all around you. Whenever you turn on your phone, eat food, text your friends, or measure your heart rate you are using the products of STEM knowledge. Learning about STEM is also fun.

Fun STEM sites

Learning about STEM is also fun. Explore our solar system at NASA, check out Science Buddies or visit Australia's national science channel.

  • ​Ever dreamt of becoming an Astronaut? Explore our solar system at NASA
  • Do you enjoy watching fun videos to learn how things work? Then visit Australia's national science channel, RiAus
  • Got any science questions? Why not 'Ask Dr Universe'
  • Are you interested in learning coding? Then check out

Competitions and events

Victorian Maths Challenge

Open now, for everyone.

Explore and solve maths challenges with family and friends. Amongst many activities, young children can collect, count and sort objects from the garden, balance on a see-saw and find patterns in the world around us. School-aged children can create the ultimate paper plane, float a better boat, strategise, optimise and post videos, pictures or stories.

Join in the fun at: Victorian Maths Challenge
Take the challenge at: VMC Students

Learners' Voice to Virtual Learning

Victorian classes and students have access to a suite of virtual excursions and opportunities which can be accessed at Learners' Voice to Virtual Learning.

Chemistry tours

  • Year 11 and 12 students
  • Available year-round
  • University of Melbourne, School of Chemistry

Free tours of the instruments and lab areas in the University of Melbourne's School of Chemistry are available year-round.

For more information visit: Chemistry Outreach Program

Mentoring and careers

If you enjoy asking questions and trying to understand what's around you, studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics could open up a huge range of fulfilling opportunities for you.

In a STEM career, you can make a positive difference to the world by using STEM skills to contribute to your community and beyond. You can use your STEM understanding to communicate and gain insight into how STEM impacts on your life and the lives of others, or STEM thinking to invent or innovate.

Mentors in schools

The in2science program places volunteer university students into mathematics and science classrooms as in-class role models (mentors), aiming to generate enthusiasm in STEM in year 8 and 9 students.

Jobs and workplace learning

Looking for on-the-job training? Structured workplace learning helps school students to find work placements with employers across Victoria.

Skills and Job Centres provide expert advice on training and employment opportunities. 

Careers advice

When you study STEM, you open up a wide and diverse range of dynamic and rewarding career opportunities. You could be a pioneer in a career or industry that has not even been invented yet. Find out more at STEM careers and pathways

Ultimate Careers is an annual publication for high school students, teachers and parents looking for information on career opportunities, where and what to study and how-to advice on surviving uni.