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Details of how organisations can partner with the department and related professsional organisations

​STEM-related partnerships

Are you an employer or related support organisation?

Through the Education State, we are striving to build an education system that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage. We are striving to deliver world-class teaching of science, technologies, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in every school, which will help deliver a skilled workforce for the future. The department is trialling new ways to link schools and early childhood services with STEM industries.

Are you an organisation interested in supporting VicSTEM?

If you are a not-for-profit organisation (or a charitable arm) in a STEM-related industry interested in supporting schools and early childhood services in the Education State , please contact us through the VicSTEM mailbox:

Are you a school or early childhood service interested in working with STEM-related organisations or industries?

If you are a school or early childhood service interested in enriching your STEM program, please contact us through the VicSTEM mailbox: 

STEM-related professional organisations

Victorian Skills Commissioner (VSC)

The Victorian Skills Commissioner is responsible for providing strategic guidance and facilitating a tripartite approach between government, industry and trade unions to provide advice on training and skills needs across Victoria. 

For more information, see: Victorian Skills Commissioner

Australia's Chief Scientist

Australia’s Chief Scientist provides high-level independent advice to the Prime Minister and other Ministers on matters relating to science, technology and innovation. They also hold the position of Executive Officer of the Commonwealth Science Council to identify challenges and opportunities for Australia that can be addressed, in part, through science.

For more information, see: Australia's Chief Scientist

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI)

AMSI aims to improve mathematical capacity and capability in the Australian community through its support of high-quality mathematics education and experiences in schools and tertiary institutions. It also promotes research collaboration through its events and programs.

Australian Academy of Science

The Academy champions, celebrates and supports excellence in Australian science, promotes international scientific engagement, builds public awareness and understanding of science and provides independent, authoritative and influential scientific advice.

For more information, see: Australian Academy of Science

Mathematical Association of Victoria

The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) is a membership driven association that provides a voice, leadership and professional support for mathematical education. MAV provides services including professional development, action research based numeracy improvement programs in schools, Active Maths accredited schools, and many other activities, to promote and improve mathematics education. 

For more information, see: Mathematical Association of Victoria

Office of the Lead Scientist

The Office of the Lead Scientist advocates the importance of science, technology and innovation to building the skills for Victoria's future industries. It also provides high-level advice strategic advice to assist in science and innovation policy development and fosters links between relevant organisations.

For more information, see: Office of the Lead Scientist