Education programs for a high-tech world

Tech Schools encourage students to explore their interests, and discover how far their passions can take them in education and life.

Each Tech School's unique education program complements the area's existing education provision and training pathways.

STEM: preparing students for a changing world

stuents smile together holding a robot in their hands
Technology is changing our world. Each day, the world is becoming more globalised, automated, fast-paced and interconnected.

Young people today need to learn a different range of skills to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow. Three-quarters of the fastest growing industries and occupations requiring STEM skills and knowledge. Students will need these skills to succeed in their careers.

Tech Schools provide secondary school students with access to state-of-the-art, immersive, STEM-learning programs to solve problems faced by local industries. Students use virtual reality, robotics, 3D and other technologies in high-tech learning hubs to tackle real-life challenges and develop skills vital for future jobs.

Tech School programs and partnerships with industry expose students to some of the great careers these sectors offer. They will make STEM accessible and exciting, giving students practical experience and confidence.

Strengthening employability skills

Tech Schools will focus on building students’ interpersonal and creative skills. Students will develop the ability to grasp new ideas quickly and move smoothly between industries - and even occupations. This means enhancing their employability skills such as:

  • communication
  • analytics
  • planning and organisation
  • problem-solving
  • initiative
  • self-management 
  • teamwork.

Linking education to growing industries

Each Tech School is unique and focuses on a particular industry sector. Tech Schools work with industry representatives to ensure its programs and technology are relevant.

The Tech Schools equip students with skills in local sectors expected to provide strong growth:

  • medical technology and pharmaceuticals 
  • new energy technology
  • food and fibre processing
  • transport
  • defence and construction technology
  • professional services and international education.

The programs

Years 7 to 10

Tech Schools will provide engaging discovery and “taster” programs for Years 7 to 10. These programs aim to show students the many exciting training, work and career possibilities in their future. The educational programs and master classes will inspire and engage students through interactive learning, using leading-edge technology and teaching programs focused on discovery, innovation and learning by inquiry.

Years 11 and 12

Tech Schools provide enrichment and extension courses. Master classes offer access to higher education. Learning advanced technology and essential employable skills ensures students are equipped for the jobs of today and tomorrow. ​