Bushfire At-Risk Register

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities at the highest risk of fire danger are placed on the Department's Bushfire At-Risk Register. Inclusion on this register is a trigger for the school, kindergarten or child care facility to pre-emptively close on days declared Code Red in their Bureau of Meteorology district.

If you have queries relating to the register, please email emergency.management@edumail.vic.gov.au

For information regarding closures of schools, kindergartens, child care facilities or bus services, see the department's Emergency closures page.

To access Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority's Guidelines on Bushfire Preparedness, visit VRQA page.

For general information regarding emergencies or Code Red days, see the Department's Emergencies page.

Bushfire At-Risk Register as at 21 February 2020

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Town/SuburbChildren's Services
and Schools
AIREYS INLETAireys Inlet Primary SchoolAnderson Street   MapCentral
AIREYS INLETCamp Australia - Aireys Inlet Primary School OSHC6 Great Ocean Rd   MapCentral
AMPHITHEATREAmphitheatre Primary School16 School Road   MapSouth West
ANAKIEAnakie Primary After School Care2125-2135 Ballan Road   MapCentral
ANAKIEAnakie Primary School2125-2135 Ballan Road   MapCentral
ANGLESEAAnglesea Community House5 McMillan Street   MapCentral
ANGLESEAAnglesea KindergartenMcMillan Street   MapCentral
ANGLESEAAnglesea Primary School85 Camp Road   MapCentral
ANGLESEAAnglesea Primary School OSHC85 Camp Road   MapCentral
APSLEYApsley Primary School46 Laidlaw Street   MapWimmera
ARARATArarat North Kinder Care66 Blake Street   MapSouth West
ARARATArarat North Primary School66 Blake Street   MapSouth West
ARTHURS CREEKArthurs Creek Primary School900 Arthurs Creek Road   MapCentral
ASHBOURNEMelbourne Grammar School - Robert Knox Camp935 Falloons Road   MapCentral
AVENELAvenel Early Childhood Service31 Watson St   MapNorthern Country
AVENELAvenel Primary School40 Anderson Street   MapNorthern Country
AVONSLEIGHAvonsleigh Kindergarten15b Avon Road   MapCentral
AXE CREEKEppalock Primary School149 Patons Road   MapNorthern Country
BALLARATBrown Hill Kindergarten1 Reid Court   MapCentral
BALLARAT EASTSt Francis Xavier SchoolFortune Street   MapCentral
BALLIANG EASTBalliang East Primary School4 School Road   MapCentral
BALNARRINGBalnarring Community Child Care Incorporated3045 Frankston-Flinders road   MapCentral
BALNARRINGBalnarring Preschool2 Civic Court   MapCentral
BALNARRINGBalnarring Primary School1 Civic Court   MapCentral
BALNARRINGCamp Australia - Balnarring Primary School OSHC1 Civic Court   MapCentral
BANKSIA PENINSULACarey Camp Toonallook281 Cranswick Road   MapEast Gippsland
BANKSIA PENINSULAMelbourne Grammar School - Camp Dowd Banksia Peninsula123 Cranswick Road   MapEast Gippsland
BANKSIA PENINSULASt Leonard's College - Camp Ibis125 Cranwsick Road   MapEast Gippsland
BANKSIA PENINSULAWesley College - Mallana Camp324 Cranswick Rd   MapEast Gippsland
BARANDUDABaranduda Community Centre4 Sage Court   MapNorth East
BARANDUDABaranduda Primary School7 Verbena Street   MapNorth East
BARANDUDABaranduda PS Theircare7 Verbena St   MapNorth East
BARANDUDASt Francis Of Assisi Primary School, Wodonga - St Francis Of Assisi Primary School214 Baranduda Boulevard   MapNorth East
BARANDUDAVillage Early Education Baranduda5 Glenwood Bvd   MapNorth East
BARANDUDAWodonga Catholic Parish OSHC - St Francis Campus214 Baranduda Bvd   MapNorth East
BARJARGGreensborough Secondary College - Barjarg LodgeHarpers Road   MapNorth East
BARMAH TOWNBarmah Occasional CareSchier Street   MapNorthern Country
BARMAH TOWNBarmah Outreach KindergartenSchier Street   MapNorthern Country
BARNAWARTHABarnawartha Out Of School Hours Care11-17 Stanley Street   MapNorth East
BARNAWARTHABarnawartha Primary School11-17 Stanley Street   MapNorth East
BAYLESBayles Kindergarten660 Koo Wee Rup - Longwarry Rd   MapCentral
BEACONSFIELD UPPERBeaconsfield Upper Oshclub40-42 Stoney Creek Road   MapCentral
BEACONSFIELD UPPERBeaconsfield Upper Primary School40 Stoney Creek Road   MapCentral
BEACONSFIELD UPPERUpper Beaconsfield Community Early Learning CentreSalisbury Road   MapCentral
BEACONSFIELD UPPERUpper Beaconsfield Kindergarten36 Stoney Creek Road   MapCentral
BEACONSFIELD UPPERUpper Beaconsfield McBride Road Kindergarten3 McBride Road   MapCentral
BEALIBABealiba Primary School9 Grant Street   MapNorth Central
BEEACBeeac Primary School35 Lang Street   MapSouth West
BEECHWORTHBeechworth Community Child Care CentreAlbert Road (latrobe Campus)   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHBeechworth Kindergarten Inc.Albert Road (latrobe Campus)   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHBeechworth Montessori42 Gilchrist Ave   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHBeechworth Montessori School5 Warner Road   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHBeechworth Primary School17 Junction Road   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHBeechworth PS Theircare17 Junction Road   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHBeechworth Secondary College85 Balaclava Road   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHSt Joseph's Beechworth TheircareSt Josephs Primary School   MapNorth East
BEECHWORTHSt Joseph's School6 Priory Lane   MapNorth East
BELGRAVEAfter The Bell Aus- Mater Christi College28 Bayview Rd   MapCentral
BELGRAVEBelgrave Preschool6 Hayes Place   MapCentral
BELGRAVEMater Christi College28 Bayview Road   MapCentral
BELGRAVESt Thomas More's SchoolReynold's Lane   MapCentral
BELGRAVEYouth Leadership Victoria - St Thomas More OSHCReynolds Lane   MapCentral
BELGRAVE HEIGHTSBelgrave Heights Christian School20 Wattle Valley Road   MapCentral
BELGRAVE HEIGHTSBelgrave Heights Christian School Early Learning CentreWattle Valley Road   MapCentral
BELGRAVE HEIGHTSCamp Australia - Belgrave Heights Christian School OSHCBelgrave Heights Christian School   MapCentral
BELGRAVE HEIGHTSGoodstart Early Learning Belgrave Heights75 Colby Drive   MapCentral
BELGRAVE SOUTHBelgrave South Oshclub175 Colby Dr   MapCentral
BELGRAVE SOUTHBelgrave South Primary School175 Colby Drive   MapCentral
BELGRAVE SOUTHLen Jeffrey Memorial Kindergarten102 Colby Drive   MapCentral
BELLBRAEBellbrae Primary School50 School Road   MapCentral
BELLBRAECamp Australia - Bellbrae Primary School OSHC50 School Rd   MapCentral
BENALLABenalla P-12 College - Lake Nillacoote Camp4035 Midland Highway   MapNorth East
BENDIGOBendigo Primary SchoolOld Violet Street   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOCamp Australia - Bendigo Violet Street Primary School OSHCOld Violet Street   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOFirst Grammar Bendigo1 Sharon Street   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOHelen Jessen Early Learning Centre145 Crook Street   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOKalianna Special SchoolNolan Street   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOLightning Reef Primary School - Holmes Road Campus74 Holmes Road   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOShine Bright Kennington Kindergarten17 Crook Street   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGOSpring Gully Primary School104-110 Spring Gully Road   MapNorthern Country
BENDIGO/JUNORTOUNCatherine McAuley College La Valla CampusMcIvor Highway   MapNorthern Country
BETHANGABethanga Primary School5 Beardmore Street   MapNorth East
BEULAHBeulah Outreach PreschoolHenty Highway   MapMallee
BEULAHBeulah Primary SchoolHenty Highway   MapMallee
BIG HILLBig Hill Primary School5644 Calder Highway   MapNorthern Country
BIG HILLBig Hill Primary School Combined OSHC5644 Calder Highway   MapNorthern Country
BLACKBURNBlackburn Lake Primary School12 - 14 Florence Street   MapCentral
BLACKBURNCamp Australia - Blackburn Lake Primary School OSHCFlorence Street   MapCentral
BLACKWOODFrankston Special Developmental School - Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre1015 Greendale-Trentham road   MapCentral
BLIND BIGHTBlind Bight Community CentreAnchorage Drive   MapCentral
BOGONGOutdoor School1 Black Possum Road   MapNorth East
BOHO SOUTHNorthcote High School - Boho South Camp467 Bonnie Doon Road   MapNorthern Country
BOLINDABolinda Primary School1 Mullalys Road   MapCentral
BOLINDASchools Out OSHC1 Mullalys Rd   MapCentral
BOLWARRABolwarra Primary School249 Princes Highway   MapSouth West
BONA VISTABona Vista Primary School520 Bona Vista Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
BOOLARRABoolarra Kindergarten28 Church Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
BOOLARRABoolarra Primary SchoolTarwin Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
BOORTBoort District P-12 School - Malone Street Campus9 - 27 Malone Street   MapNorthern Country
BOORTBoort Preschool123-127 Godfrey Street   MapNorthern Country
BRIGHTAlpine View Children's Centre23 Deacon Ave   MapNorth East
BRIGHTBright P-12 College46 Bakers Gully Road   MapNorth East
BROKEN CREEKBroken Creek Primary School413 Quinn Road   MapNorth East
BRUTHENBruthen Kindergarten1 Seehusen Avenue   MapEast Gippsland
BRUTHENBruthen Primary School31 Great Alpine Road   MapEast Gippsland
BUANGORBuangor Primary School26 School Road   MapSouth West
BUCHANBuchan Early Childhood Development Centre5621 Buchan-Orbost road   MapEast Gippsland
BUCHANBuchan Primary School4 Dalley Street   MapEast Gippsland
BULLARTOBullarto Primary School131 Bullarto South Road   MapCentral
BULLENGAROOKSunbury And Macedon Ranges Specialist School - Bullengarook Senior Campus705 Bacchus Marsh Road   MapCentral
BUNYIPBunyip Oshclub1290 Nar Nar Goon-Longwarry road   MapCentral
BUNYIPBunyip Primary School1290 Nar Nar Goon - Longwarry Road   MapCentral
BURWOODWattle Hill Kindergarten19 Livingstone Close   MapCentral
BURWOODWattle Park Children's Services Centre25 Livingstone Close   MapCentral
BUXTONBuxton Primary School2208 Maroondah Highway   MapNorth Central
CALIFORNIA GULLYCalifornia Gully Primary School4-14 Staley Street   MapNorthern Country
CALIFORNIA GULLYCalifornia Gully Primary School Outside School Hours Care4-14 Staley Street   MapNorthern Country
CAMPBELLS CREEKCampbells Creek Primary SchoolMain Road   MapNorth Central
CAMPBELLS CREEKCastlemaine Out Of School Hours Care129 Main Rd   MapNorth Central
CAMPBELLS CREEKOlivet Christian College89 Main Rd   MapNorth Central
CANN RIVERCann River P-12 College20-24 Tamboon Road   MapEast Gippsland
CANN RIVERCann Valley Community Kindergarten1 Tyson Street   MapEast Gippsland
CAPE BRIDGEWATERWesley College - Lochend Camp22 Kennedys Rd   MapSouth West
CARISBROOKCarisbrook Primary School2 Camp Street   MapNorth Central
CARLISLE RIVERCarlisle River Primary School49 Moomowroong Road   MapSouth West
CARLSRUHEWoodend Primary School - Carlsruhe Campus57 Nicholson Street   MapCentral
CARRUM DOWNSCamp Australia - Flinders Christian College OSHC100a Ballarto Rd   MapCentral
CARRUM DOWNSFlinders Christian Community College - Carrum Downs Campus100 Ballarto Road   MapCentral
CARRUM DOWNSGoodstart Early Learning Carrum Downs - Arcadia Street4-6 Arcadia Street   MapCentral
CARRUM DOWNSKinder At Flinders100a Ballarto Rd   MapCentral
CASTERTONCasterton Primary School14 - 24 Mc Pherson Street   MapSouth West
CASTERTONCasterton Secondary College27 Mt Gambier Road   MapSouth West
CASTERTONKathleen Millikan Centre1 - 7 Jackson Street   MapSouth West
CASTERTONSacred Heart School39 Robertson Street   MapSouth West
CASTLEMAINECastlemaine Primary SchoolCnr Mostyn And Urquhart Street   MapNorth Central
CASTLEMAINECastlemaine Secondary College - Junior CampusBlakeley Rd   MapNorth Central
CASTLEMAINECastlemaine Secondary College - Senior CampusEtty Street   MapNorth Central
CASTLEMAINEJohnstone Street Early Learning & Kinder104 Johnstone Street   MapNorth Central
CASTLEMAINERay Street Children's Centre54 Ray Street   MapNorth Central
CASTLEMAINESouth Castlemaine Kindergarten9 Etty Street   MapNorth Central
CASTLEMAINEWinters Flat Primary School3 Roberts Avenue   MapNorth Central
CAVENDISHCavendish KindergartenBarker Street   MapSouth West
CAVENDISHCavendish Primary School8-10 Barker Street   MapSouth West
CHATSWORTHChatsworth Occasional Child CareCaramut-Chatsworth road   MapSouth West
CHEWTONChewton Primary School1 Hunter Street   MapNorth Central
CHILDERSBaringa Special School - Baringa Homestead984 Allambee-Childers road   MapWest and South Gippsland
CHILTERNChiltern Primary School91-101 Albert Road   MapNorth East
CHILTERNSt Joseph's School142 North Road   MapNorth East
CHRISTMAS HILLSChristmas Hills Primary School1409 Eltham-Yarra glen road   MapCentral
CHUM CREEKChum Creek Primary School705 Chum Creek Road   MapCentral
CHUM CREEKChum Creek Primary School OSHC705 Chum Creek Road   MapCentral
CHUM CREEKScotch College - Chum Creek Campus903 Chum Creek Road   MapCentral
CHUM CREEKWesley College Melbourne - Chum Creek Outdoor Education Campus251 Old Chum Creek Road   MapCentral
CLIFTON CREEKClifton Creek Primary School1020 Deptford Road   MapEast Gippsland
COCKATOOCockatoo Community Childcare Centre75-77 Pakenham Road   MapCentral
COCKATOOCockatoo Kinder23 Bailey Road   MapCentral
COCKATOOCockatoo Primary School19-33 Belgrave-Gembrook road   MapCentral
COCKATOOCockatoo Primary School Council OSHC19-33 Belgrave-Gembrook road   MapCentral
COCKATOOMaxwell Creative School6 Rainy Hill Road   MapCentral
COIMADAICoimadai Primary School86 Bennetts Lane   MapCentral
CONCONGELLAConcongella Primary School61 Concongella School Road   MapWimmera
COONGULLAYarra Valley Grammar School - Wootton LodgeHodges Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
CRANBOURNE SOUTHCamp Australia - Cranbourne South Primary School OSHCPearcedale Road   MapCentral
CRANBOURNE SOUTHCranbourne South Primary SchoolPearcedale Road   MapCentral
CREEK JUNCTIONSt Albans Secondary College - Strathbogie CampSchool Camp Road   MapNorthern Country
CRESWICKCreswick & District Preschool24 Victoria Street   MapCentral
CRESWICKCreswick Children's Services7 Andrew Street   MapCentral
CRESWICKCreswick North Primary School93 Macs Street   MapCentral
CRIB POINTCamp Australia - Crib Point Primary School OSHC70 Milne St   MapCentral
CRIB POINTCrib Point Primary School70 Milne Street   MapCentral
CRIB POINTSt Joseph's School17 Martin Street   MapCentral
CROYDON NORTHVillage School9-13 Holloway Road   MapCentral
DARRAWEIT GUIMDarraweit Guim Primary School2 Darraweit Valley Road   MapCentral
DARTMOORDartmoor Children's CentreLang Street   MapSouth West
DARTMOORDartmoor Primary School76 Greenham Street   MapSouth West
DAYLESFORDDaylesford Community Child Care81 West Street   MapCentral
DAYLESFORDDaylesford Dharma School90 Daylesford Trentham Road   MapCentral
DAYLESFORDDaylesford Preschool64 Central Springs Road   MapCentral
DAYLESFORDDaylesford Primary School102-128 Vincent Street   MapCentral
DAYLESFORDDaylesford Secondary College39 Smith Street   MapCentral
DAYLESFORDSt Michael's School29 Smith Street   MapCentral
DEANS MARSHDeans Marsh Primary School30 Deans Marsh-Lorne road   MapCentral
DEDERANGDederang Primary SchoolVia Wodonga   MapNorth East
DEDERANGDederang Primary School Care4364 Kiewa Valley Hwy   MapNorth East
DEDERANGDederang Primary School OSHC4364 Kiewa Valley Highway   MapNorth East
DERRINALLUMDerrinallum P-12 CollegeCampbell Street   MapSouth West
DIAMOND CREEKCamp Australia - Diamond Creek Primary School OSHCClyde Street   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Creek Community Centre28 Main Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Creek East OSHC129-163 Main Hurstbridge Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Creek East Preschool28 Coniston Street   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Creek East Primary School129-163 Main Hurstbridge Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Creek Memorial Preschool11 Collins Street   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Creek Primary School17 Clyde Street   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKDiamond Valley College - Diamond Creek Campus165-179 Main Hurstbridge Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKImagine Childcare And Kindergarten Diamond Creek104-106 Main Hurstbridge Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKNess Reserve Pre-School1 Ness St   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKOccasional Child Care Centre Diamond CreekReserve Circuit   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKSacred Heart Parish School Oshclub25 Gipson Street   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKSacred Heart School25 Gipson Street   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKSmartie Pants Early Learning & Development13-19 Old Diamond Creek Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKSutherlands Child Care & Kindergarten347 Diamond Creek Road   MapCentral
DIAMOND CREEKYmca Community Bank Stadium Vacation Care Program129-163 Main Hurstbridge Road   MapCentral
DIMBOOLADimboola Memorial Secondary College66 Ellerman Street   MapWimmera
DIMBOOLASt Peter's Lutheran School6-26 Horsham Road   MapWimmera
DINNER PLAINThe Alpine School - Dinner Plain CampusGreat Alpine Road   MapNorth East
DIXONS CREEKDixons Creek Primary School1815 Melba Highway   MapCentral
DON VALLEYDon Valley Primary SchoolOld Dalry Road   MapCentral
DON VALLEYDon Valley Primary School OSHCOld Don Road   MapCentral
DONCASTER EASTWarrandyte Road Early Learning Centre100 Deep Creek Drive   MapCentral
DONVALEDonvale Christian College155 Tindals Road   MapCentral
DONVALEDonvale Christian College Oshclub155 Tindals Road   MapCentral
DONVALENido Early School Donvale318-320 Springvale Rd   MapCentral
DONVALEWhitefriars College Inc.156 Park Road   MapCentral
DOOKIE COLLEGECurrawa Primary SchoolRidge Road   MapNorthern Country
DOOKIE COLLEGEMansfield Autism Statewide Services - Dookie Campus Secondary School8 Ridge Road   MapNorthern Country
DOREENDoreen Primary School75 Doctors Gully Road   MapCentral
DROMANADromana Secondary College110 Harrisons Road   MapCentral
DROMANAPeninsula Specialist College25 Old White Hill Road   MapCentral
DRUMMONDDrummond Primary School9 Lauriston Road   MapCentral
DUNKELDBrauer Secondary College - Dunkeld AnnexeGrampians Tourist Road   MapSouth West
DUNKELDDunkeld Consolidated School93 Victoria Valley Road   MapSouth West
DUNKELDDunkeld KindergartenWills Street   MapSouth West
DUNOLLYDunolly Kindergarten94 Maude Street   MapNorth Central
DUNOLLYDunolly Primary School8 Elgin Street   MapNorth Central
EAGLEHAWKBendigo Ymca Occasional CarePeter Krenz Leisure Centre 16 Napier St   MapNorthern Country
EAGLEHAWKEaglehawk North Primary School1-9 Bendigo-Pyramid road   MapNorthern Country
EAGLEHAWKEaglehawk Primary SchoolChurch St   MapNorthern Country
EAGLEHAWKEaglehawk Secondary College1-3 Reserve Street   MapNorthern Country
EAST WARBURTONMillwarra Primary School - Warburton East Campus397 Woods Point Road   MapCentral
EASTERN VIEWSt Bernard's College - Santa Monica Camp970 Great Ocean Road   MapCentral
ECKLIN SOUTHEcklin HallTerang Ecklin Road   MapSouth West
EDI UPPEREdi Upper Primary School832 Edi-Cheshunt road   MapNorth East
EILDONPenleigh And Essendon Grammar - Eildon CampSkyline Rd   MapNorth Central
ELPHINSTONEElphinstone Primary School26 Wright Street   MapNorth Central
ELTHAMCatholic Ladies' College Ltd19 Diamond Street   MapCentral
ELTHAMEltham North P.s Outside School Hours CareWattletree Road   MapCentral
ELTHAMEltham OshclubDalton Street   MapCentral
ELTHAMEltham Primary SchoolDalton Street   MapCentral
ELTHAMEltham South Preschool35 Fordhams Road   MapCentral
ELTHAMMeruka Child Care CentreMeruka Drive   MapCentral
ELTHAM NORTHEltham North Primary School35-47 Wattletree Road   MapCentral
EMERALDAfter The Bell Aus- Emerald Scout Hall21 Kilvington Dr   MapCentral
EMERALDDandenong Ranges Steiner School - Crystal Brook Campus11c Duffys Road   MapCentral
EMERALDEmerald Out Of School Hours Care Service356 Belgrave-Gembrook road   MapCentral
EMERALDEmerald Preschool7-9 Kings Road   MapCentral
EMERALDEmerald Primary School10 Heroes Avenue   MapCentral
EMERALDEmerald Secondary College425 Belgrave-Gembrook rd   MapCentral
EMERALDHei Schools Emerald Early Learning Centre267-271 Belgrave-Gembrook road   MapCentral
ENDEAVOUR HILLSCamp Australia - St Paul Apostle North OSHC76 Mossgiel Park Drive   MapCentral
ENDEAVOUR HILLSSt Paul Apostle North School76 Mossgiel Park Drive   MapCentral
EPPINGGlenvale School - Main Campus23 Scanlon Drive   MapCentral
EPSOMEpsom Primary SchoolHoward Street   MapNorthern Country
EPSOMEpsom Primary School OSHCHoward St   MapNorthern Country
ESKDALEEskdale Primary School3790 Omeo Highway   MapNorth East
ESKDALEMitta Valley OSHC3790 Omeo Hwy   MapNorth East
FALLS CREEKFalls Creek Child Care17 Bogong High Plains Road   MapNorth East
FALLS CREEKFalls Creek Primary School15 Slalom Street   MapNorth East
FERNY CREEKAfter The Bell Aus- Ferny Creek PSSchool Road   MapCentral
FERNY CREEKFerny Creek Primary SchoolSchool Road   MapCentral
FLOWERDALEFlowerdale Kindergarten6525 Whittlesea-Yea rd   MapNorth Central
FLOWERDALEFlowerdale Primary SchoolYEA-WHITTLESEA   MapNorth Central
FORRESTForrest Learning Centre12 Grant Street   MapSouth West
FORRESTForrest Primary School10 Grant Street   MapSouth West
FRANKSTONParatea PreschoolParatea Avenue   MapCentral
FRENCH ISLANDPerseverance Primary SchoolTANKERTON   MapCentral
FRESHWATER CREEKFreshwater Creek Steiner Kindergarten52 McIntyres Road   MapCentral
FRESHWATER CREEKFreshwater Creek Steiner School52 McIntyres Road   MapCentral
GARFIELD NORTHBulleen Heights School - Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre335 Garfield North Road   MapCentral
GEMBROOKGembrook Preschool19 Main Street   MapCentral
GEMBROOKGembrook Primary School50 Main Street   MapCentral
GEMBROOKLittle Gems Early Learning103 Main Street   MapCentral
GEMBROOKOshclub Gembrook48-50 Main St   MapCentral
GISBORNEGisborne Secondary College95 Melton Road   MapCentral
GISBORNEManna Gum Family And Children’s Centre71 Robertson St   MapCentral
GISBORNESwinburne Avenue Children's Centre8 Swinburne Avenue   MapCentral
GISBORNEThe Learning Sanctuary Gisborne93 Sheedy Road   MapCentral
GISBORNEWillowbank Early Learning Centre97-99 Willowbank Rd   MapCentral
GLADYSDALEGladysdale Primary School550 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
GLEN PARKGlen Park Primary School265 Ralstons Road   MapCentral
GLENORMISTONGlenormiston Hall1 Kennas Lane   MapSouth West
GLENROWANGlenrowan Primary School40 Beaconsfield Parade   MapNorth East
GLENROWANGlenrowan Primary School OSHC40 Beaconsfield Parade   MapNorth East
GOLDEN SQUARECommunity Kids Golden Square Early Education Centre92-94 Specimen Hill Road   MapNorthern Country
GOLDEN SQUAREGoodstart Early Learning Golden Square11 Symonds Street   MapNorthern Country
GOLDEN SQUARESpecimen Hill Primary Combined OSHCInglewood Street   MapNorthern Country
GOLDEN SQUARESpecimen Hill Primary SchoolInglewood Street   MapNorthern Country
GOORNONGGoornong Primary School26 Grant Street   MapNorthern Country
GORMANDALEGormandale And District Primary School - Gormandale And District Campus38 Main Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
GORMANDALEGormandale Kindergarten38 Main Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
GREAT WESTERNGreat Western Primary SchoolStephenson Street   MapWimmera
GREENSBOROUGHDiamond Valley Special Developmental School14-24 Brentwick Drive   MapCentral
GREENSBOROUGHGreenhills Neighbourhood Centre37 St Helena Road   MapCentral
GREENSBOROUGHGreenhills Preschool37 St Helena Road   MapCentral
GREENSBOROUGHYandell Kindergarten37 St Helena Road   MapCentral
GRETA SOUTHGreta Valley Primary School2376 Wangaratta Kilfeera Road   MapNorth East
GRETA SOUTHGreta Valley Primary School O.s.h.c2376 Wangaratta-Kilfeera road   MapNorth East
GRETA SOUTHOutdoor School - Fifteen Mile Creek Camp692 Benalla Whitfield Road   MapNorth East
GRUYEREGruyere Primary School99 Killara Road   MapCentral
HALLORADrouin Secondary College - Blackwood AnnexeBrock Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
HALLS GAPHalls Gap Primary School10-14 School Road   MapWimmera
HARCOURTHarcourt Pre-School play centre28 Buckley Street   MapNorth Central
HARCOURTHarcourt Valley Primary School3 Wilkinson Street   MapNorth Central
HARKAWAYHarkaway Primary School65 - 67 King Road   MapCentral
HARKAWAYHarkaway Primary School65-67 King Road   MapCentral
HARRIETVILLEChabad Youth Holiday Program - Harrietville22 Bon Accord Track   MapNorth East
HARRIETVILLEHarrietville Primary School165 Great Alpine Road   MapNorth East
HASTINGSAdvance College Of Education Incorporated - Hastings Hub1973 Frankston Flinders Road   MapCentral
HASTINGSHastings Primary School10 - 20 Hodgins Road   MapCentral
HASTINGSSt Mary's Child Care Service69 Marine Parade   MapCentral
HASTINGSSt Mary's School69 Marine Parade   MapCentral
HASTINGSWestern Port Secondary College215 High Street   MapCentral
HAWKESDALEHawkesdale And District Family Services Centre66 Mitchell Street   MapSouth West
HAWKESDALEHawkesdale P12 College65 Mitchell Street   MapSouth West
HEALESVILLEBadger Creek Preschool368 Badger Creek Road   MapCentral
HEALESVILLEBadger Creek Primary SchoolBadger Creek Rd   MapCentral
HEALESVILLECamp Australia - Healesville Primary School OSHCView Street   MapCentral
HEALESVILLECire Outside School Hours Care Badger CreekBadger Creek Road   MapCentral
HEALESVILLEHaig Avenue PreschoolHaig Avenue   MapCentral
HEALESVILLEHealesville High School10 Camerons Road   MapCentral
HEALESVILLEHealesville Primary School2 View Street   MapCentral
HEALESVILLEQueens Park KindergartenQueens Park Via Don Road   MapCentral
HEALESVILLERobyn Jane Children's Centre Inc6-16 Haig Avenue   MapCentral
HEALESVILLESt Brigid's School1 High Street   MapCentral
HEALESVILLESteel Street Children's Centre42 Maroondah Highway   MapCentral
HEALESVILLEWorawa Aboriginal College60 - 80 Barak Lane   MapCentral
HEATHCOTEBendigo Community Children's Services Heathcote OSHC18 Pohlman St   MapNorthern Country
HEATHCOTEHeathcote Primary School31 Herriot Street   MapNorthern Country
HEATHCOTEHoly Rosary School18 Pohlman Street   MapNorthern Country
HEATHCOTEShine Bright Heathcote Kindergarten27 Camp Street   MapNorthern Country
HEPBURNHepburn Primary School156 Main Road   MapCentral
HEPBURN SPRINGSHepburn Kindergarten2 Golf Links Road   MapCentral
HESKETHesket Primary School800 Romsey Road   MapCentral
HEYWOODHeywood Consolidated School51 Kentbruck Road   MapSouth West
HEYWOODHeywood District Secondary CollegeGorrie Street   MapSouth West
HEYWOODHeywood Early Learning Centre39 Hunter Street   MapSouth West
HEYWOODHeywood Kindergarten24 Hunter Street   MapSouth West
HMAS CERBERUSCrib Point Preschool7 Cayley Avenue   MapCentral
HMAS CERBERUSOne Tree Defence Childcare Unit Cerberus12 Cook Road   MapCentral
HODDLES CREEKHoddles Creek Primary School700 Gembrook-Launching place road   MapCentral
HOWQUALauriston Girls' School - Howqua CampusHowqua River Road   MapNorth East
HUNTLYHuntly Primary School101 Brunel Street   MapNorthern Country
HUNTLYHuntly Primary School OSHC101 Brunel St   MapNorthern Country
HUNTLYShine Bright Huntly Kindergarten101 Brunel Street   MapNorthern Country
HURSTBRIDGEFerguson Park Kindergarten4 Graysharps Road   MapCentral
HURSTBRIDGEHurstbridge Children's Centre50 Graysharps Road   MapCentral
HURSTBRIDGEHurstbridge Preschool8 Graysharps Road   MapCentral
HURSTBRIDGEHurstbridge Primary OSHCMain Road   MapCentral
HURSTBRIDGEHurstbridge Primary School961-989 Heidelberg-Kinglake rd   MapCentral
HURSTBRIDGELearning Co-Operative school10 Laceys Road   MapCentral
INDIGO VALLEYMiddle Indigo Primary School710 Indigo Creek Road   MapNorth East
INGLEWOODInglewood Kindergarten75a Grant Street North   MapNorthern Country
INGLEWOODInglewood Primary School77 Sullivan Street   MapNorthern Country
INGLEWOODSt Mary's School87 Southey Street   MapNorthern Country
INVERMAYInvermay Primary School187 Swinglers Road   MapCentral
JACKASS FLATCreative Garden Early Learning Centre Bendigo174 Jobs Gully Rd   MapNorthern Country
JAMIESONJamieson Primary School1 The Sideling   MapNorth East
JAN JUCButterfield House Child Care And Kindergarten240 Great Ocean Rd   MapCentral
JAN JUCThe Jan Juc Preschool91a Sunset Strip   MapCentral
JINDIVICKJindivick Primary School1080 Jacksons Track   MapWest and South Gippsland
KALLISTAKallista KindergartenTom Roberts Road   MapCentral
KALLISTAKallista Primary School72 Monbulk Road   MapCentral
KALLISTAKallista Primary School OSHC72 Monbulk Road   MapCentral
KANGAROO FLATBendigo Regional Ymca Youth Services - St Monicas ASC Program91 High Street   MapNorthern Country
KANGAROO FLATCrusoe 7-10 Secondary College57 - 75 Olympic Parade   MapNorthern Country
KANGAROO FLATGlenvale School - Bendigo Centre155 Olympic Parade   MapNorthern Country
KANGAROO FLATGoodstart Early Learning Kangaroo Flat17a Church St   MapNorthern Country
KANGAROO FLATSt Monica's School91 High Street   MapNorthern Country
KANGAROO GROUNDKangaroo Ground Preschool Inc20 Graham Road   MapCentral
KANGAROO GROUNDKangaroo Ground Primary Combined OSHC20 Graham Road   MapCentral
KANGAROO GROUNDKangaroo Ground Primary SchoolCr Grahamandeltham-Yarra glen rd   MapCentral
KILSYTHGhilgai School295 Liverpool Road   MapCentral
KINGLAKEKinglake Primary School20 McMahons Rd   MapNorth Central
KINGLAKEKinglake Primary School Combined OSHCMcMahon's Rd   MapNorth Central
KINGLAKE CENTRALKinglake Ranges Children's Centre69 Exton's Rd   MapNorth Central
KINGLAKE CENTRALMiddle Kinglake Primary School1 Extons Road   MapNorth Central
KINGLAKE CENTRALMiddle Kinglake Primary School Combined OSHC69 (rsd1) Exton's Rd   MapNorth Central
KINGLAKE WESTKinglake West Combined Outside School Hours Care1041 Whittlesea-Kinglake road   MapNorth Central
KINGLAKE WESTKinglake West Primary School1041-1061 Whittlesea-Kinglake rd   MapNorth Central
KNOXFIELDCamp Australia - Knox Park Primary School OSHCKathryn Road   MapCentral
KNOXFIELDKnox Park Primary SchoolKathryn Road   MapCentral
KOONDROOKKoondrook Preschool7 Punt Road   MapMallee
KOONDROOKKoondrook Primary School7 Punt Road   MapMallee
KOORLONGKoorlong Primary School3645 Benetook Ave   MapMallee
LABERTOUCHELabertouche Primary School35 School Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
LAHARUMLaharum Primary School1574 Northern Grampians Road   MapWimmera
LAKE TYERSLake Tyers Early Learning Centre485 Rules Road   MapEast Gippsland
LAKE TYERS BEACHToorloo Arm Primary School315 Lake Tyers Beach Road   MapEast Gippsland
LAKES ENTRANCELakes Aquadome Creche43 Palmers Road   MapEast Gippsland
LAL LALLal Lal Primary School12 Vaughan Street   MapCentral
LANCEFIELDLancefield Early Education Centre2 Gwen Place   MapCentral
LANCEFIELDLancefield Kindergarten16 Dunsford Street   MapCentral
LANCEFIELDLancefield Primary School80 High Street   MapCentral
LANCEFIELDSchools Out LancefieldLancefield Primary School   MapCentral
LANCEFIELDSt Mary's School2 Raglan Street   MapCentral
LANDSBOROUGHLandsborough Primary School82 McKinlay Street   MapSouth West
LANGLEYLangley Primary SchoolCrn Kyneton/heathcote And Parsells Rd   MapNorth Central
LANGWARRINBayside Christian College Early Learning Centre120-128 Robinson Rd   MapCentral
LANGWARRINHappy Sunshine Elc452 McClelland Dr   MapCentral
LANGWARRINWoodlands Primary School10 Gum Nut Drive   MapCentral
LANGWARRIN SOUTHBayside Christian College120-128 Robinsons Road   MapCentral
LANGWARRIN SOUTHCamp Australia - Bayside Christian College OSHC120-128 Robinsons Rd   MapCentral
LAUNCHING PLACELaunching Place PreschoolMathers Avenue   MapCentral
LAUNCHING PLACELaunching Place Primary SchoolCarter Street   MapCentral
LAUNCHING PLACELaunching Place PS OSHC - ExtendCarter St   MapCentral
LAVERS HILLLavers Hill And District PreschoolGreat Ocean Road   MapSouth West
LAVERS HILLLavers Hill K-12 College - Lavers Hill P-12 CollegeGreat Ocean Road   MapSouth West
LILYDALEEdinburgh College33-61 Edinburgh Road   MapCentral
LILYDALEEdinburgh Early Learning Centre47 Edinburgh Road   MapCentral
LINTONLinton Primary School28 Adair Street   MapCentral
LOCH SPORTLoch Sport Primary School7 Charlies Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
LOCKWOODLockwood Primary School190 Wiegards Road   MapNorthern Country
LOCKWOODLockwood Primary School Outside School Hours Care190 Wiegards Road   MapNorthern Country
LOCKWOOD SOUTHLockwood South Combined Outside School Hours Care710 Calder Alternate Highway   MapNorthern Country
LOCKWOOD SOUTHLockwood South Primary School710 Calder Alternative Highway   MapNorthern Country
LONGFORDLongford Kindergarten6-8 High Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
LONGFORDLongford Primary School6380 South Gippsland Highway   MapWest and South Gippsland
LONGWOODLongwood Primary School1-21 Hurley Street   MapNorthern Country
LORNELorne KindergartenSmith Street   MapCentral
LORNELorne Occasional Child Care16 Mountjoy Pde   MapCentral
LORNELorne P-12 College15 Grove Road   MapCentral
MACARTHURMacArthur Kindergarten21 Heckfield Street   MapSouth West
MACARTHURMacArthur Primary School23 Russell Street   MapSouth West
MACCLESFIELDMacclesfield Primary School405 Macclesfield Road   MapCentral
MACCLESFIELDMacclesfield PS Combined OSHC405 Macclesfield Road   MapCentral
MACEDONAlice Miller School110 Bailey Road   MapCentral
MACEDONMacedon Early Learning Centre4 Scott Street   MapCentral
MACEDONMacedon Kindergarten55 Bruce Street   MapCentral
MACEDONMacedon Primary School67 Smith Street   MapCentral
MACEDONMacedon Primary School Combined OSHC67 Smith Street   MapCentral
MAIDEN GULLYJenny's Kindergarten Maiden Gully26 Glenelg Drive   MapNorthern Country
MAIDEN GULLYMaiden Gully Primary School10 Carolyn Way   MapNorthern Country
MAIDEN GULLYMaiden Gully Primary School OSH Care10 Carolyn Way   MapNorthern Country
MAIDEN GULLYMarist College Bendigo95 Golf Links Road   MapNorthern Country
MAIDEN GULLYStepping Stones - Marist OSHC95 Golf Links Rd   MapNorthern Country
MAIDEN GULLYTeam Holiday - Maiden Gully10 Carolyn Way   MapNorthern Country
MALDONMaldon Neighbourhood Centre ChildcareCnr Church St And Edward St   MapNorth Central
MALDONMaldon Preschool Centre14 - 16 Camp Street   MapNorth Central
MALDONMaldon Primary School109 High Street   MapNorth Central
MALLACOOTAMallacoota Kindergarten23 Greer Street   MapEast Gippsland
MALLACOOTAMallacoota P-12 College25 Bucknall Street   MapEast Gippsland
MALMSBURYMalmsbury Primary School28 Cameron St   MapCentral
MALMSBURYMalmsbury Primary School28 Cameron Street   MapCentral
MANANGATANGManangatang & District Preschool?xx Wattle St   MapMallee
MANANGATANGManangatang P-12 College4105 Mallee Highway   MapMallee
MARLOMarlo Primary SchoolJorgensen Street   MapEast Gippsland
MARLOThe Alpine School - Snowy River CampusCape Conran Road   MapEast Gippsland
MARNOOMarnoo Primary School80 Newall Street   MapWimmera
MARONGMarong Primary School2 Leslie Street   MapNorthern Country
MARONGMarong Primary School Outside School Hours Care10 Adams Street   MapNorthern Country
MARONGShine Bright Marong Kindergarten10 Adams St   MapNorthern Country
MAROONAMaroona Primary School7431 Mortlake-Ararat road   MapSouth West
MARYBOROUGHA G Leech Kindergarten26 Alma Street   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHCalifornian Gully Kindergarten31 Wills Street   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHGoldfields Children's Centre100 Napier Street   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHHighview Christian Community College21 Kars Street   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHMaryborough Education Centre - Balaclava Road Campus102 - 192 Balaclava Road   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHMaryborough Education Centre - Beckworth Campus102 - 192 Balaclava Road   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHPaisley Park Early Learning Centre Maryborough123-125 Inkerman Street   MapNorth Central
MARYBOROUGHT L Stone Memorial Kindergarten4 Lake Road   MapNorth Central
MARYSVILLEMarysville And District Kindergarten Association Inc15 Falls Rd   MapNorth Central
MARYSVILLEMarysville Primary School15 Falls Road   MapNorth Central
MCKENZIE CREEKHorsham College - Mc Kenzie Creek Campus4030 Henty Highway   MapWimmera
MEERLIEUMeerlieu Primary School1462 Lindenow-Meerlieu road   MapWest and South Gippsland
MENZIES CREEKDandenong Ranges Steiner School - School Road Campus51 School Road   MapCentral
MENZIES CREEKDandenong Ranges Steiner School Kindergarten51 School Road   MapCentral
MENZIES CREEKMenzies Creek Pre-School1 Menzies Road   MapCentral
MENZIES CREEKMenzies Creek Primary Out Of School Hours Service12 School Road   MapCentral
MENZIES CREEKMenzies Creek Primary School12 School Road   MapCentral
MERINOMerino Consolidated School49 Paschendale Road   MapSouth West
MERRIJIGMerrijig Primary School1820 Mount Buller Road   MapNorth East
METUNGMetung Primary School90 Stirling Road   MapEast Gippsland
MILLGROVEMelbourne High School - Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre140 Dee Road   MapCentral
MILLGROVEMillgrove Preschool & Maternal Child Health CentreCavanagh Road   MapCentral
MILLGROVEMillwarra Primary School - Millgrove CampusCavanagh Road   MapCentral
MIRBOO NORTHMirboo North Early Learning Centre8 Brennan Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
MIRBOO NORTHMirboo North Primary SchoolBalook Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
MIRBOO NORTHMirboo North PS Theircare1 Balook St   MapWest and South Gippsland
MIRBOO NORTHMirboo North Secondary CollegeCastle Street   MapWest and South Gippsland
MIRRIMBAHPrinces Hill Secondary College - Mirrimbah Country CentreSawmill Settlement   MapNorth East
MITCHAMAntonio Park Primary School631-639 Whitehorse Road   MapCentral
MITCHAMCamp Australia - Antonio Park Primary School OSHC631-639 Whitehorse Road   MapCentral
MITTA MITTAKids On Campus Mitta MittaMagorra Park Reserve   MapNorth East
MITTA MITTAMitta Mitta Primary School27 Giltrap Road   MapNorth East
MONBULKMonbulk Aquatic Centre26 Baynes Park Road   MapCentral
MONBULKMonbulk College146-148 David Hill Road   MapCentral
MONBULKMonbulk Oshclub1 Main Road   MapCentral
MONBULKMonbulk Preschool21 Main Road   MapCentral
MONBULKMonbulk Primary School1 Main Road   MapCentral
MONBULKMountain District Christian School325 Macclesfield Road   MapCentral
MONBULKSt Paul's School59 Moores Road   MapCentral
MONBULKThe Cottage Childcare Centre208 Main Road   MapCentral
MONTROSE3c Kidz Care Mecs135-141 York Rd   MapCentral
MONTROSEBillanook Primary School270 Sheffield Road   MapCentral
MONTROSEBillanook Primary School OSHC270 Sheffield Road   MapCentral
MONTROSECamp Australia - Montrose Primary School OSHCLeith Road   MapCentral
MONTROSEGoodstart Early Learning Montrose158 Swansea Road   MapCentral
MONTROSEMontrose Preschool1a Leith Road   MapCentral
MONTROSEMontrose Primary School17-21 Leith Road   MapCentral
MONTROSESarah Court Preschool25 Sarah Court   MapCentral
MOOROOPNAEchuca Road Kindergarten160 Echuca Road   MapNorthern Country
MOOROOPNAFrank R Pullar Childcare CentreEchuca Road   MapNorthern Country
MORTLAKEMortlake P-12 College10 Hood Avenue   MapSouth West
MOUNT BEAUTYLake View Children's CentreLakeside Avenue   MapNorth East
MOUNT BEAUTYMount Beauty Primary SchoolLakeside Avenue   MapNorth East
MOUNT BEAUTYMount Beauty Primary School OSHCLakeside Avenue   MapNorth East
MOUNT BEAUTYMount Beauty Secondary CollegeTailrace Road   MapNorth East
MOUNT CLEARDamascus College1412 Geelong Road   MapCentral
MOUNT CLEAREmmaus Catholic Primary School1503 Geelong Road   MapCentral
MOUNT CLEARGoodstart Early Learning Mount Clear1108 Geelong Road   MapCentral
MOUNT CLEARGreat Beginnings Mt Clear26 Olympic Ave   MapCentral
MOUNT CLEARMount Clear College59 Olympic Avenue   MapCentral
MOUNT CLEARMount Clear Primary School1206 Geelong Road   MapCentral
MOUNT CLEARMt Clear Community Kindergarten2 Dallas Avenue   MapCentral
MOUNT DANDENONGMount Dandenong OshclubFarndons Road   MapCentral
MOUNT DANDENONGMount Dandenong Primary SchoolFarndons Road   MapCentral
MOUNT DANDENONGMt Dandenong Preschool1343-1345 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EGERTONMount Egerton Primary School58 Church Street   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZACamp Australia - Mount Eliza North Primary School OSHCMoseley Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZACamp Australia - Peninsula Grammar OSHC72 Wooralla Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZACamp Australia - St Thomas More Primary School OSHC313 Canadian Bay Road   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAKunyung Preschool44 Barmah Street   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAMount Eliza North Primary School6 Moseley Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAMount Eliza Preschool95-97 Wimbledon Avenue   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAPeninsula Grammar20 Wooralla Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZASt Thomas More's School313 Canadian Bay Road   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZATeam Holiday - Mt Eliza North6 Moseley Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAThe Peninsula School Kindergarten72 Wooralla Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAWalkers Road Preschool47 Walkers Road   MapCentral
MOUNT ELIZAWoodland Early Learning Centre313 Canadian Bay Rd   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNBirmingham Primary School43-49 Francis Crescent   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNBirmingham Primary School OSHC43-49 Francis Crescent   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNChildren's House Of Early Learning32 Monbulk Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNCire Children’s Services Mount Evelyn20 Old Hereford Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNFernhill Preschool9 Fernhill Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNJoy Avenue KindergartenJoy Avenue   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNMount Evelyn Christian School Kindergarten135 York Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNMount Evelyn Christian School/ranges Tec - Mount Evelyn Christian School135 York Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNMount Evelyn Primary School33 Monbulk Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNMount Evelyn Primary School Combined OSHC33 Monbulk Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNMt Evelyn Early Learning Centre113 Bailey Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNMt Evelyn Memorial Preschool24 Birmingham Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNSt Mary's School58 Clegg Road   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNYarra Hills Secondary College - Mount Evelyn Campus15 Burdap Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT EVELYNYarra Ranges Special Developmental School20 Burdap Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT HELENBallarat Rudolf Steiner Kindergarten244 Moss Avenue   MapCentral
MOUNT HELENBallarat Steiner School244 Moss Avenue   MapCentral
MOUNT HELENFeduni Children's Centre At Mt HelenUniversity Drive North Terrace   MapCentral
MOUNT HELENGoodstart Early Learning Mount Helen1848 Geelong Road   MapCentral
MOUNT MACEDONMount Macedon Primary School641 Mount Macedon Road   MapCentral
MOUNT MACEDONMt Macedon Primary School Combined OSHC641 Mount Macedon Road   MapCentral
MOUNT MARTHABalcombe Grammar School389 Nepean Hwy   MapCentral
MOUNT MARTHABalcombe Preschool144 Bay Road   MapCentral
MOUNT MARTHACamp Australia - Balcombe Grammar OSHC389 Nepean Highway   MapCentral
MOUNT MARTHAMount Martha Kindergarten35 Watson Road   MapCentral
MOUNT MARTHAMount Martha Primary School37 - 55 Glenisla Drive   MapCentral
MOUNT MARTHAMt Martha Primary School Out Of School Hours Care ProgramGlenisla Drive   MapCentral
MOYSTONMoyston Primary School1349 Ararat-Halls gap road   MapSouth West
MUCKLEFORDCastlemaine Steiner Kindergarten11 Rilens Road   MapNorth Central
MUCKLEFORDCastlemaine Steiner School & Kindergarten - Castlemaine Steiner School11 Rilens Rd   MapNorth Central
MURRAYVILLEMallee Minors Child Care Centre - MurrayvilleCnr Francis St And Gray St   MapMallee
MURRAYVILLEMurrayville Community College20 Francis Street   MapMallee
MYRRHEEMyrrhee Primary School1673 Benalla-Whitfield road   MapNorth East
NANGILOCNangiloc & District Kindergarten2606 Kulkyne Way   MapMallee
NANGILOCNangiloc Colignan And District Primary School2612 Kulkyne Way   MapMallee
NARRACANNarracan Primary School32 School Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
NARRE WARREN EASTLittle Joey's Early Learning4 Dorning Road   MapCentral
NATTE YALLOCKNatte Yallock Primary School10 School Road   MapSouth West
NAVARRENavarre Primary SchoolHigh Street   MapWimmera
NAYOOKNeerim District Rural Primary School145 Nayook-Powelltown road   MapWest and South Gippsland
NAYOOKRubicon Outdoor Centre - Nayook Camp610 Nayook-Powelltown road   MapWest and South Gippsland
NEILBOROUGHKalianna Special School - Whipstick Environment CentreCrameri Lane   MapNorthern Country
NERRINAClub 18788 Monte St   MapCentral
NERRINALittle Bendigo Primary School8 Monte Street   MapCentral
NEW GISBORNEGisborne Montessori School57 Barringo Road   MapCentral
NEW GISBORNEGisborne Montessori School57 Barringo Road   MapCentral
NEW GISBORNEGoodstart Early Learning New Gisborne12 Saunders Rd   MapCentral
NEW GISBORNEHoly Cross Primary School158 Hamilton Road   MapCentral
NEW GISBORNENew Gisborne Primary Outside School Hours Care239 Station Rd   MapCentral
NEW GISBORNENew Gisborne Primary School239 Station Road   MapCentral
NEWHAMNewham Primary School1271 Rochford Road   MapCentral
NEWMERELLANewmerella Primary School2-4 McLaughlins Road   MapEast Gippsland
NEWSTEADNewstead Preschool6 Panmure Street   MapCentral
NEWSTEADNewstead Primary School28 Lyons Street   MapNorth Central
NICHOLSONNicholson Primary SchoolPrinces Highway   MapEast Gippsland
NOOJEENoojee Primary School65 School Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
NOORATThe Alpine School - Gnurad Gundidj Campus253 Blacks Road   MapSouth West
NORTH BENDIGOLightning Reef Ymca Early Learning Centre74-88 Holmes Rd   MapNorthern Country
NOWA NOWANowa Nowa Primary SchoolGorge Road   MapEast Gippsland
NOWA NOWASave The Children Kindergarten - Nowa Nowa35 Wandin Way   MapEast Gippsland
NUNGURNERNungurner Primary School455 Nungurner Road   MapEast Gippsland
NUTFIELDYarra Me School - Hurstbridge Farm Campus320 Hurstbridge-Arthurs creek road   MapCentral
OLINDAHills Community Childcare45 Charlemont Lane   MapCentral
OLINDAOlinda Primary School45 Charlemont Lane   MapCentral
OMEOHigh Country Early Learning Centre167 Day Avenue   MapEast Gippsland
OMEOOmeo Primary School167 Day Avenue   MapEast Gippsland
OSBORNES FLATOsbornes Flat Primary School354 Osbornes Flat Road   MapNorth East
OUYENMallee Minors Child Care Centre - Ouyen66 Hughes Street   MapMallee
OUYENMallee Minors Vacation Care Program1 - 38 Fuller Street   MapMallee
OUYENOuyen P-12 College1-35 Fuller Street   MapMallee
OUYENOuyen Preschool78 Oke Street   MapMallee
PANTON HILLPanton Hill Playhouse16 Bishops Road   MapCentral
PANTON HILLPanton Hill Preschool601 Kangaroo Ground-St andrews road   MapCentral
PANTON HILLPanton Hill Primary School585 Kangaroo Ground-St andrews road   MapCentral
PANTON HILLPanton Hill Primary School OSHC585 Kangaroo Ground-St andrews road   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSCamp Australia - St Anne's Park Orchards OSHC54-62 Knees Road   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSPark Orchards Community House & Learning Centre570-572 Park Road   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSPark Orchards Kindergarten570-572 Park Road   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSPark Orchards Oshclub1-3 Bowmore Ave   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSPark Orchards Primary School1-3 Bowmore Avenue   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSSt Anne's School60 Knees Road   MapCentral
PARK ORCHARDSThe Learning Sanctuary Park Orchards239 Warrandyte Road   MapCentral
POINT LONSDALEPoint Lonsdale Primary School22 Bowen Road   MapCentral
POMONALPomonal Primary School2859 Ararat - Halls Gap Road   MapSouth West
POREPUNKAHPorepunkah Primary School2 Martley Street   MapNorth East
POREPUNKAHPorepunkah Primary School Outside School Hours Care ServiceMartley Street   MapNorth East
PORT CAMPBELLPort Campbell Recreation ReserveDesaily Street   MapSouth West
PUCKAPUNYALLittle Foot StepsLabuan Street   MapNorth Central
PUCKAPUNYALOne Tree Defence Childcare Unit PuckapunyalLone Pine Crescent   MapNorth Central
PUCKAPUNYALOne Tree Puckapunyal KindergartenLone Pine Crescent   MapNorth Central
PUCKAPUNYALPuckapunyal Primary SchoolAlamein Road   MapNorth Central
PURNIM WESTMerri Kindergarten1126 Hopkins Highway   MapSouth West
PYALONGPyalong Preschool12 High Street   MapNorth Central
PYALONGPyalong Primary School10-14 Bourke Street   MapNorth Central
PYALONGPyalong Primary School Before & After School Care10-14 Bourke St   MapNorth Central
RAWSONRawson Primary SchoolKnotts Siding Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
RAYWOODRaywood Primary School18-22 Sandhurst Street   MapNorthern Country
RED HILLCamp Australia - Red Hill Consolidated School OSHCMornington-Flinders road   MapCentral
RED HILLMonterosso Early Learning1006 Mornington-Flinders rd   MapCentral
RED HILLRed Hill Consolidated School341 Arthurs Seat Road   MapCentral
RED HILLRed Hill Memorial Preschool210 Arthurs Seat Road   MapCentral
REDESDALERedesdale Mia Mia Primary School31 School Road   MapNorthern Country
RESEARCHEltham College - Main Campus1660 Main Road   MapCentral
RESEARCHEltham College Early Learning Centre1660 Main Road   MapCentral
RESEARCHEltham College OSHC1660 Main Road   MapCentral
RIDDELLS CREEKGoodstart Early Learning Riddells Creek701 Kilmore Rd   MapCentral
RIDDELLS CREEKMacedon Ranges Montessori Preschool61 Main Road   MapCentral
RIDDELLS CREEKMacedon Ranges School Holiday Program69-77 Main Rd   MapCentral
RIDDELLS CREEKRiddells Creek Kindergarten23-25 Mahoneys Road   MapCentral
RIDDELLS CREEKRiddells Creek Primary Outside School Hours Care69 - 77 Main Rd   MapCentral
RIDDELLS CREEKRiddells Creek Primary School69-77 Main Road   MapCentral
RINGWOOD NORTHEllie V Pullin Kindergarten30 Tortice Drive   MapCentral
ROMSEYAlice Miller School - Candlebark83 Kerrie Road   MapCentral
ROSEBUDJetty Road Childcare And Kindergarten264 Jetty Rd   MapCentral
ROSEBUDPadua College - Rosebud CampusInglewood Crescent   MapCentral
ROSEBUDPeninsula Sands Preschool36 Duells Road   MapCentral
ROSEBUDWaterfall Gully Preschool325 Bayview Rd   MapCentral
RUSHWORTHRushworth Kindergarten & Child Care32 Esmonde Street   MapNorthern Country
RUSHWORTHRushworth P-12 College - Rushworth Secondary Campus45 Heily Street   MapNorthern Country
RUSHWORTHSt Mary's School5-7 Southam Street   MapNorthern Country
SANDY CREEKUpper Sandy Creek Primary School1037 Sandy Creek Road   MapNorth East
SASSAFRASSassafras Preschool394 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road   MapCentral
SASSAFRASSassafras Primary School399 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road   MapCentral
SASSAFRASSherbrooke Community School311 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road   MapCentral
SCARSDALEWoady Yaloak Kindergarten25 Pitfield Road   MapCentral
SCARSDALEWoady Yaloak Primary School - Scarsdale Campus149 Pitfield Road   MapCentral
SCOTSBURNBuninyong Primary School - Scotsburn Primary School6859 Midland Highway   MapCentral
SEAFORDCamp Australia - Seaford North Primary School OSHCHallifax Street   MapCentral
SEAFORDSeaford North Primary School81 Hallifax Street   MapCentral
SEASPRAYSeaspray Primary School15 Prospect Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
SELBYCamp Australia - Selby Primary School OSHC2 Morley Street   MapCentral
SELBYSelby Community House1 Minak Road Via Charles Street   MapCentral
SELBYSelby Preschool15 Lyons Drive   MapCentral
SELBYSelby Primary School2 Morley Street   MapCentral
SEVILLELet's Go Out Of School Hours Care Seville639 Warburton Hwy   MapCentral
SEVILLESeville PreschoolLink Road   MapCentral
SEVILLESeville Primary School639 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
SILVANSilvan Primary School269 Monbulk Road   MapCentral
SIMPSONSimpson And District Kindergarten1 Princetown Road   MapSouth West
SIMPSONSimpson Primary School1 Cockayne Street   MapSouth West
SNAKE VALLEYWoady Yaloak Primary School - Snake Valley Campus999 Smythesdale Road   MapSouth West
SOMERSSomers School Camp - Somers Campus124 Lord Somers Road   MapCentral
SOUTH MORANGLittle Assets South Morang Early Learning Centre55 Gordons Road   MapCentral
SOUTH MORANGSouth Morang Preschool Inc - Riverside8 Doreen Rogen Way   MapCentral
SPRING GULLYCamp Australia - Spring Gully Primary School OSHC104-110 Spring Gully Road   MapNorthern Country
SPRING GULLYShine Bright Spring Gully Kindergarten113 Spring Gully Road   MapNorthern Country
ST ANDREWSSt Andrews Primary SchoolCaledonia Street   MapCentral
ST ANDREWSSt Andrews Primary School Outside School Hours Care25 Caledonia Street   MapCentral
ST ARNAUDSt Patrick's SchoolWattle Street   MapWimmera
STANLEYStanley Primary School12 Beechworth-Stanley road   MapNorth East
STAUGHTON VALENorthern Bay P-12 College - Straughtonvale Outdoor Education Centre515 Staughton Vale Road   MapCentral
STRATHBOGIEPeranbin Primary College - Strathbogie Campus19-25 Main Street   MapNorthern Country
STRATHDALEVictory Christian College6 Kairn Road   MapNorthern Country
STRATHEWENStrathewen Primary School5 School Ridge Road   MapCentral
STRATHFIELDSAYEAssisi Kindergarten Strathfieldsaye46 Blucher St   MapNorthern Country
STRATHFIELDSAYEBrady Bunch Early Learning Centre Bendigo11-15 Apsley St   MapNorthern Country
STRATHFIELDSAYEBrymca St Francis Of The Fields ASC Program46 Blucher St   MapNorthern Country
STRATHFIELDSAYECamp Australia - Strathfieldsaye Primary School OSHCUxbridge Street   MapNorthern Country
STRATHFIELDSAYEGoodstart Early Learning Strathfieldsaye913 Wellington Street   MapNorthern Country
STRATHFIELDSAYESt Francis Of The Fields SchoolBlucher Street   MapNorthern Country
STRATHFIELDSAYEStrathfieldsaye Primary School9 Uxbridge Street   MapNorthern Country
SWAN REACHSwan Reach & District Kindergarten30a Duffy Street   MapEast Gippsland
SWAN REACHSwan Reach Primary School21 School Road   MapEast Gippsland
SWANPOOLPeranbin Primary College - Swanpool CampusMidland Highway   MapNorth East
SWIFTS CREEKSwifts Creek Community Centre Childcare6879 Great Alpine Road   MapEast Gippsland
SWIFTS CREEKSwifts Creek Kindergarten / Early Childhood Development Centre6846 Great Alpine Road   MapEast Gippsland
SWIFTS CREEKSwifts Creek P-12 School - Flagstaff Campus6855 Great Alpine Road   MapEast Gippsland
SWIFTS CREEKSwifts Creek P-12 School - Tambo Campus6840 Great Alpine Road   MapEast Gippsland
TALBOTTalbot Primary School2 Rowe Street   MapNorth Central
TALGARNOTalgarno Primary School14 Talgarno School Lane   MapNorth East
TALLANGATTASt Michael's SchoolQueen Elizabeth Drive   MapNorth East
TALLAROOKTallarook Primary School52 Main Road   MapNorth Central
TAMBO UPPERTambo Upper Primary School890 Tambo Upper Road   MapEast Gippsland
TANYBRYNBelmont High School - Tanybryn CampCnr Wild Dog Road   MapSouth West
TARADALETaradale Primary School98 High Street   MapNorth Central
TARNAGULLATarnagulla Primary School51 Stanley Street   MapNorthern Country
TARWIN LOWERTarwin Lower Primary SchoolSchool Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
TAWONGATawonga KindergartenKiewa Valley Highway   MapNorth East
TAWONGATawonga Primary SchoolKiewa Valley Highway   MapNorth East
TAWONGATawonga Primary School OSHCKiewa Valley Highway   MapNorth East
TECOMATecoma Childcare Centre4 Rutherford Rd   MapCentral
TECOMATecoma Kindergarten1534 Burwood Highway   MapCentral
TECOMATecoma Primary School1536 Burwood Highway   MapCentral
TECOMATecoma Primary School OSHC1536 Burwood Highway   MapCentral
TEMPYTempy Primary School13 Harrison Street   MapMallee
THE BASINChristadelphian Heritage College Melbourne - Main Campus16 Clevedon Road   MapCentral
THE BASINSt Bernadette's Catholic Primary School1264 Mountain Highway   MapCentral
THE BASINThe Basin Oshclub1202-1204 Mountain Highway   MapCentral
THE BASINThe Basin Preschool385 Forest Road   MapCentral
THE BASINThe Basin Primary SchoolCnr Liverpool Road And Mountain Highway   MapCentral
THE PATCHThe Patch KindergartenKallista-Emerald road   MapCentral
THE PATCHThe Patch OshclubKallista-Emerald road   MapCentral
THE PATCHThe Patch Primary School53 Kallista-Emerald road   MapCentral
THE SISTERSThe Sisters HallFramlingham Mortlake Road   MapSouth West
TIMBOONTimboon & District Kindergarten1 Wark Street   MapSouth West
TIMBOONTimboon P-12 SchoolBailey Street   MapSouth West
TIMBOONTry Timboon Children's Centre11 Hamilton Street   MapSouth West
TIMORTimor Primary School395 Bet Bet Creek Road   MapNorth Central
TOLMIEMcClelland Secondary College - Camp Mahaikah2975 Mansfield-Whitefield road   MapNorth East
TOOBORACTooborac Primary School5185 Northern Highway   MapNorth Central
TOOLAMBAToolamba Kindergarten And Children's Services69-77 Wren Street   MapNorthern Country
TOOLAMBAToolamba Outside School Hours CareWren Street   MapNorthern Country
TOOLAMBAToolamba Preschool69-77 Wren Street   MapNorthern Country
TOOLAMBAToolamba Primary School69-77 Wren Street   MapNorthern Country
TOOLANGIToolangi Primary SchoolMain Road   MapNorth Central
TOOLERN VALEToolern Vale And District Primary School361 Creamery Road   MapCentral
TRARALGON SOUTHTraralgon South Kindergarten7 Keith Morgan Drive   MapWest and South Gippsland
TRARALGON SOUTHTraralgon South Primary School13 - 19 Keith Morgan Drive   MapWest and South Gippsland
TRENTHAMTrentham District Primary School8 Bridge Street   MapCentral
TRENTHAMTrentham Kindergarten6 Bridge Street   MapCentral
TYABBCamp Australia - Tyabb Primary School OSHC186 Mornington-Tyabb road   MapCentral
TYABBFlinders Christian Community College - Main Campus155 Mornington - Tyabb Road   MapCentral
TYABBTyabb Primary School186 Mornington-Tyabb road   MapCentral
TYERSTyers Kindergarten74 Main Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
TYERSTyers Primary SchoolMain Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
TYLDENTylden Primary School11 Clowes Street   MapCentral
TYLDENTylden Primary School OSHC11 Clowes St   MapCentral
ULTIMAUltima Primary SchoolCnr Cameron And O'connor Street   MapMallee
UNDERBOOLMallee Minors Child Care Centre - Underbool43 Cotter Street   MapMallee
UNDERBOOLUnderbool Primary School67 Cotter Street   MapMallee
UPPER FERNTREE GULLYUpper Ferntree Gully Kindergarten1 Rollings Road   MapCentral
UPPER FERNTREE GULLYUpper Ferntree Gully Primary SchoolTalaskia Road   MapCentral
UPPER FERNTREE GULLYUpper Ferntree Gully Primary SchoolTalaskia Road   MapCentral
UPPER PLENTYUpper Plenty Primary School10 Clarkes Road   MapNorth Central
UPWEYDandenong Ranges Child Care Centre89 Morris Road   MapCentral
UPWEYPinnacle Health Club82 Main Street   MapCentral
UPWEYSherbrooke Family And Children's CentreCnr Mastgully Rd And Burwood Hwy   MapCentral
UPWEYUpwey High School1451 Burwood Highway   MapCentral
UPWEYUpwey Preschool1443 Burwood Hwy   MapCentral
UPWEYUpwey Primary School15 Darling Avenue   MapCentral
UPWEYUpwey Primary School OSHC15 Darling Avenue   MapCentral
UPWEYUpwey South Primary School91 Morris Road   MapCentral
UPWEYUpwey South Primary School OSHC91 Morris Road   MapCentral
UPWEY SOUTHUpwey South Preschool125 Morris Road   MapCentral
WALLINGTONWallington Primary School608 - 610 Wallington Road   MapCentral
WALLINGTONWoodlands House Outside School Hours Care Program610 Wallington Road   MapCentral
WALWAWalwa Primary SchoolMurray River Road   MapNorth East
WANDILIGONGWandiligong Primary School119 School Road   MapNorth East
WANDIN NORTHLet's Go OSHC Wandin Yallock105 Beenak Rd   MapCentral
WANDIN NORTHWandin North Primary School220 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
WANDIN NORTHWandin North PS OSHC - Extend220 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
WANDIN NORTHWandin PreschoolUnion Road   MapCentral
WANDIN NORTHWandin Yallock Primary School105 Beenak Road   MapCentral
WANDONGWandong KindergartenDry Creek Crescent   MapNorth Central
WANDONGWandong Out Of School Hours CareRail Street   MapNorth Central
WANDONGWandong Primary School39-51 Rail Street   MapNorth Central
WANGARATTAChristopher Robin Kindergarten1a Ely Street   MapNorth East
WARBURTONWarburton PreschoolRiverside Drive   MapCentral
WARBURTONWarburton Primary School16 Horners Road   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEAndersons Creek Primary School36-42 Drysdale Road   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEAnderson's Creek Primary SchoolDrysdale Road   MapCentral
WARRANDYTETeam Holiday - Warrandyte36-42 Drysdale Road   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEWarrandyte Child Care & Preschool Centre Co-Op ltd2 Masonic Avenue   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEWarrandyte High School241-247 Heidelberg-Warrandyte rd   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEWarrandyte Kindergarten2 Taroona Avenue   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEWarrandyte Primary School5-11 Forbes Street   MapCentral
WARRANDYTEWarrandyte Primary School Out Of School Hours CareForbes Street   MapCentral
WARRANDYTE NORTHYarra Warra Preschool184-186 Research-Warrandyte road   MapCentral
WARRANWOODKurboroo Kindergarten75 Bemboka Road   MapCentral
WATTLE GLENCamp Australia - Wattle Glen Primary School OSHCReynolds Rd   MapCentral
WATTLE GLENWattle Glen Primary School16-24 Reynolds Road   MapCentral
WAUBRAWaubra Children's Service2091 Sunraysia Highway   MapSouth West
WAUBRAWaubra Primary School2110 Sunraysia Highway   MapSouth West
WEDDERBURNWedderburn College15-29 Hospital Street   MapNorthern Country
WEDDERBURNWedderburn Preschool77 Ridge Street   MapNorthern Country
WERRIMULLMillewa Preschool1 King Street   MapMallee
WERRIMULLWerrimull P-12 School5 McDonald Street   MapMallee
WESBURNWesburn Primary School2850 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
WHITFIELDWhitfield Community Child Care Centre4889 Wangaratta Whitfield Rd   MapNorth East
WHITFIELDWhitfield District Primary School6182 Mansfield Road   MapNorth East
WHITFIELDWhitfield District Primary School - OSHC6182 Mansfield-Whitfield road   MapNorth East
WILLOW GROVEWillow Grove Kindergarten12 Moe-Willow grove road   MapWest and South Gippsland
WILLOW GROVEWillow Grove Primary School39-45 Moe-Willow grove road   MapWest and South Gippsland
WILLOW GROVEWillow Grove Primary School After School Care39-45 Moe-Willow grove road   MapWest and South Gippsland
WONGA PARKBurch Family Memorial PreschoolOld Yarra Road   MapCentral
WONGA PARKWonga Park Community Cottage Child Care Centre9-13 Old Yarra Road   MapCentral
WONGA PARKWonga Park OSHCDudley Road   MapCentral
WONGA PARKWonga Park Primary SchoolDudley Road   MapCentral
WOODENDBraemar College - Mt Macedon Campus1499 Mt Macedon Rd   MapCentral
WOODENDBraemar College - Woodend Campus241 Romsey Road   MapCentral
WOODENDBug-A-Lugs oshc146 High St   MapCentral
WOODENDGoodstart Early Learning Woodend12 Wood Street   MapCentral
WOODENDSt Ambrose's School14 - 17 Templeton Street   MapCentral
WOODENDWoodend Early Learning & Kinder72 East Street   MapCentral
WOODENDWoodend Kindergarten10 Nicholson Street   MapCentral
WOODENDWoodend Primary School146 High Street   MapCentral
WOODFORDWoodford Primary School8 Victoria Street   MapSouth West
WOODSIDEWoodside Primary School41 Woodside Beach Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
WOORAGEEWooragee Primary School1011 Beechworth-Wodonga road   MapNorth East
WOORI YALLOCKCire Outside School Hours Care Woori Yallock1360 Healesville-Koo wee rup road   MapCentral
WOORI YALLOCKCroydon Community School - Woori Yallock Farm School Campus30 Church Road   MapCentral
WOORI YALLOCKOnly About Children Woori Yallock7-13 Symes Road   MapCentral
WOORI YALLOCKWoori Yallock KindergartenSymes Road   MapCentral
WOORI YALLOCKWoori Yallock Primary School1360 Healesville-Koo wee rup road   MapCentral
WOORINEN SOUTHShine Bright Woorinen South KindergartenMcCalman Street   MapMallee
WOORINEN SOUTHWoorinen District Primary School49 Palmer Street   MapMallee
YAAPEETYaapeet Primary School4 Woods Street   MapMallee
YACKANDANDAHYackandandah Kindergarten39 Isaacs Avenue   MapNorth East
YACKANDANDAHYackandandah Primary School39 High Street   MapNorth East
YACKANDANDAHYackandandah Primary School Outside School Hours Care39 High Street   MapNorth East
YALLOURN NORTHSomers School Camp - Woorabinda CampusNorth Shore Road   MapWest and South Gippsland
YANDOITYandoit Primary School74 High Street   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONAll Saints Preschool Yarra Junction Inc2438 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONCaulfield Grammar School - Yarra Junction Campus240 Tarrango Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONCire Children's Centre Yarra Junction41 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONCire Community School | Cire Training - Yarra Junction Campus39-41 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONCire Occasional Care Yarra Junction2442-2444 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONCire Outside School Hours Care Yarra Junction41 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONLittle Yarra Steiner Kindergarten205 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONLittle Yarra Steiner School205 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONSmart Reader Kids4 Station Street   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONSt Joseph's School40 Milners Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONUpper Yarra Secondary College81-89 Little Yarra Road   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONYarra Centre2435 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
YARRA JUNCTIONYarra Junction Primary School2370 Warburton Highway   MapCentral
YARRAMBATSmiling Children Early Learning Centre553 Yan Yean Road   MapCentral
YARRAMBATYarrambat / Plenty Preschool450 Ironbark Road   MapCentral
YARRAMBATYarrambat Primary Out Of School Hours Care540 Yan Yean Road   MapCentral
YARRAMBATYarrambat Primary School552 Yan Yean Road   MapCentral
YINNAR SOUTHYinnar South Primary SchoolBrewsters Road   MapWest and South Gippsland