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Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR)

Schools, kindergartens and childcare facilities assessed to be most at risk of bushfire are placed on the department's Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR).

Inclusion on this register is a trigger for action, including:

- pre-emptive relocation, learning from home or closure action plans for schools and co-located services at  the highest risk due to a forcast elevated Fire Danger Ratings in their local government area.

- pre-emptive closure for schools and early childhood services on all days forecasted by the Bureau of Meteorology to be Catastrophic fire danger rating (FDR) in thier fire weather district.

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities with a lower fire risk (those assessed to be in fire risk Category 4) are listed on the department’s Category 4 list.

If you have queries relating to the register, please email

You can also access the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority's (VRQA) Guidelines on bushfire preparedness.

Read the full bushfire and grassfire preparedness policy
Available in the Policy and Advisory Library

Bushfire At-Risk Register (Updated 1 August 2022)

Find schools and services by local government area and fire weather district by downloading a copy of the  BARR register (xls - 65kb).

Searching the register

The complete register is listed by suburb below. You can filter by the first letter  of the suburb or type of education setting below to refine your search.


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  • Nangiloc
    • Nangiloc & District Kindergarten

      Early Childhood Service
      2606 Kulkyne Way, Nangiloc, Mallee region
    • Nangiloc Colignan and District Primary School

      2612 Kulkyne Way, Nangiloc, Mallee region
  • Narracan
    • Narracan Primary School

      32 School Road, Narracan, Central region
  • Narre Warren East
    • Little Joey's Early Learning

      Early Childhood Service
      4 Dorning Road, Narre Warren East, Central region
  • Natte Yallock
    • Natte Yallock Primary School

      10 School Road, Natte Yallock, South West region
  • Navarre
    • Navarre Primary School

      High Street, Navarre, Wimmera region
  • Nayook
    • Rubicon Outdoor Centre (Nayook Campus)

      School Camp
      610 Nayook-Powelltown Road, Nayook, Central region
  • Neilborough
    • Kalianna Special School (Whipstick Environment Centre)

      Crameri Lane, Neilborough, Northern Country region
  • Nerrina
    • Club 1878

      Early Childhood Service
      Little Bendigo Primary School, 8 Monte St, Nerrina, Central region
    • Little Bendigo Primary School

      8 Monte Street, Nerrina, Central region
  • New Gisborne
    • Gisborne Montessori School

      Early Childhood Service
      57 Barringo Road, New Gisborne, Central region
    • Gisborne Montessori School

      57 Barringo Road, New Gisborne, Central region
    • Goodstart Early Learning New Gisborne

      Early Childhood Service
      12 Saunders Rd, New Gisborne, Central region
    • Holy Cross Primary School

      158 Hamilton Road, New Gisborne, Central region
    • New Gisborne Primary Outside School Hours Care

      Early Childhood Service
      239 Station Rd, New Gisborne, Central region
    • New Gisborne Primary School

      239 Station Road, New Gisborne, Central region
  • Newham
    • Newham Primary School

      1271 Rochford Road, Newham, Central region
  • Newmerella
    • Newmerella Primary School

      2-4 McLaughlins Road, Newmerella, East Gippsland region
  • Newstead
    • Newstead Preschool

      Early Childhood Service
      6 Panmure Street, Newstead, North Central region
    • Newstead Primary School

      28 Lyons Street, Newstead, North Central region
  • Nicholson
    • Nicholson Primary School

      Princes Highway, Nicholson, East Gippsland region
  • Noorat
    • The Alpine School (Gnurad Gundidj Campus)

      School Camp
      253 Blacks Road, Noorat, South West region
  • North Bendigo
    • Kalianna OSHC

      Early Childhood Service
      Kalianna Special School, 48-68 Prouses Rd, North Bendigo, Northern Country region
    • Lightning Reef YMCA Early Learning Centre

      Early Childhood Service
      74-88 Holmes Rd, North Bendigo, Northern Country region
  • Nowa Nowa
    • Save the Children Kindergarten - Nowa Nowa

      Early Childhood Service
      35 Wandin Way, Nowa Nowa, East Gippsland region
  • Nungurner
    • Nungurner Primary School

      455 Nungurner Road, Nungurner, East Gippsland region
  • Nutfield
    • Yarra Me School (Hurstbridge Farm Campus)

      320 Arthurs Crk Hurstbridge Rd, Nutfield, Central region